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All photos by Jenny C. Liu.

Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts celebrates 10 years of “indulging responsibly”

By Jenny C. Liu and Somayyeh Montazer-Hojat on October 3, 2016


All photos by Jenny C. Liu.

All photos by Jenny C. Liu.

On September 29, Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts, a local gourmet food store in the New Edinburgh area, celebrated its 10th anniversary by doing what they do best: welcoming family, friends, and community members into their newly renovated store for a night filled with delicious food.

The welcoming spirit behind Jacobsons is immediately evident as soon as you enter the warm, well-lit store. The cozy space is filled wall-to-wall with colourful jars of everything from aromatic teas and lemon peels in lemon juice (for the fancy cocktail artist in you), to beetroot and orange chutneys, pickled walnuts, and all varieties of vinegars and oils. There are also displays filled to the brim with dried pastas of all shapes and sizes, gourmet gift baskets, adorable kitchenware – and my personal favourite – a rainbow wall of kitchen textiles.

Dominique Jacobson, the daughter of Susan Jacobson who is the owner of this family-run business, is enthusiastic about the store being a “destination for local artisans and small producers” as well as a “small corner… an escape” for the community. In keeping with this philosophy, many of Jacobsons vendors are friends and fellow food-lovers who share the same vision of gourmet food. These vendors were invited to the celebration to share samples and stories behind their creations.

One of the stars of the show was the supplier behind Jacobsons gourmet cheese counter – Ann-Marie Dyas of The Fine Cheese Co. – who flew over from England armed with exclusive British cheeses just for this event. Our favourite was the 30% beer cheese (so aromatic and flavourful!), though the mild goat cheese was unbelievably smooth and creamy on the palette.


At the front of the store, Ross from Seed to Sausage was sampling a number of their salami products, including a punchy jalapeno blue cheese, genoa, and the fan favourite chorizo! These salamis could complement a variety of cheeses and pickle-y bits on charcuterie platters, and they pair well with any beers and wines.


Beside Ross was Nat, from Nat’s Bread Company, a wholesale artisanal bread supplier in the Ottawa area. Some of the breads she featured include four seed, buttermilk potato, and pretzel bread, plus a gorgeous braided challah. Fun fact – Nat has a featured recipe in the Ottawa Cooks book!

The folks from Fraser Cafe were sampling a juicy pork pie with the lightest crust. This beloved Ottawa restaurant has started a line of frozen meals, exclusively available at Jacobsons.


After all the savoury delights, we were ready for dessert. We wandered over to Pascale’s Ice Cream, a local vendor who started her business seven years ago. She was serving ice cream floats (yes, my heart skipped a beat as well) made with two of her popular flavours: purple raspberry and chocolate sea salt ice creams. Pascale procures all her ingredients fresh from local farmers’ markets and creates many unique flavours such as toasted coconut and dark chocolate cashew (bonus – both are also vegan!).

Around the corner from Pascale was Laura from Bicycle Craft Brewery. She gave me a heads up that their newest beer flavour – licorice – is under development and should be ready just in time for the cooling weather! Nearby, Lifford Wines was also sharing their wares – a fruity and refreshing Gewurztraminer from Zinck winery.

Tucked away in the sweets and treats room at the back of the store was Karin from Dufflet Pastries, a Toronto-based pastry shop that provides many of the desserts sold at Jacobsons. The chocolate brittles were just way too addictive!


 All in all Jacobsons’ “late night market” 10-year anniversary party was a fantastically warm and joyful celebration of small producers of gourmet delights. Susan and Dominique Jacobson, and store manager Renee, looks forward to sharing their love of food with you soon!

Jacobson’s Gourmet Concept is located at 141 Beechwood Ave. You can also find them via their website, or social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.