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J. Mascis “speaks” music – and ONLY music – ahead of his Ottawa show + ticket giveway

By Alejandro Bustos on June 2, 2015

We are giving away a pair of tickets to see J. Mascis’ solo show at Ritual on June 4.  To enter email with the subject line “J. Mascis – Contest” by noon Wednesday, June 3.  A winner will be picked by random draw and notified on Wednesday afternoon.

J. Mascis has a reputation for being a difficult interview.  Since helping found the iconic group Dinosour Jr. more than three decades ago, the legendary musician has become known for giving short, terse answers to reporters questions.

If you dig a little deeper, however, there is a good reason for this approach to speaking with music scribes.  Mascis has said that talking about music is an unnatural form of communication, as music is something that needs to be heard and not described with words.  Keeping with the spirit of this interesting thought, Apartment613 decided to conduct a different type of “conversation” with Mascis ahead of his solo show at Ritual (137 Besserer Street) this coming Thursday, June 4.

Instead of having our questions answered with words, we told Mascis that he could name a song that best reflected his response.  Below are the songs that Mascis “replied” with.  So sit back and enjoy this unique chat with this famous musician that was ranked 86 by Rolling Stone magazine in their 2011 list of the top 100 guitarists of all time, and 5th by Spin magazine’s 2012 list of the best 100 guitarists,

Apartment613: You have been writing and playing music for more than three decades.  Some people retire from their jobs after that amount of time.  What inspires you to keep on writing music and performing after all these years?

J. Mascis: Heart and soul joy division.


Apt613: As a father of two young children, I found that my perspective on many things has changed.  Given that you are a father yourself, I was wondering how being a parent has changed you, whether as a person and/or as a musician?

JM: kill the pigs, the buttocks


Apt613: On the flip-side, do you think your son will grow up and rebel against you by becoming a banker or lawyer?

JM: How many more times led zep


Apt613: You have said that playing by yourself is harder than performing with a band.  What makes playing solo a bigger challenge?

JM: Skip spence prison song


Apt613: Any plans to release a new Dinosaur Jr. album in the near future?

JM: silver machine hawkwind


J. Mascis plays Ritual on June 4. Tickets are $25, doors open at 8 pm and the show starts at 9 pm.