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Photo courtesy of IverFashion Inc.

IverFashion: Accessible fashion has never felt this good

By Andrew Monro on April 3, 2017


Andrew Monro is Apt613’s correspondent at Impact Hub Ottawa, writing about the many innovators that call Hub home. Hub is a co-working space at 71 Bank Street for projects with a positive local and global impact.

“I have been in the hospital for two months for surgery on a pressure ulcer which I’ve been dealing with for 10 months–the type of situation IverFashion does not take lightly. I have not given up on my dream. I want people in my situation to look good and feel good. It’s not about the money, it’s about offering clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and that fit.”

Travis Iverson, the founder of IverFashion Inc. (IF Inc.), is a quadriplegic. Since a life-changing injury over a decade ago, he has found it a struggle to find clothes that are both fashionable and adapted to his mobility challenges. However, rather than settle for clothes that didn’t fit him properly, look good on him, or feel comfortable, he took action and created a business that makes clothing for men ages 15-75 that are wheelchair bound

“Fashion has always been part of my life. I wanted the same feeling, even more so after my injury, always been looked down on.”

IF Inc. makes clothing functionally adaptive to people with disabilities and mobility impairments, while also looking stylish. This is achieved by making clothes out of fabrics that are moisture-wicking, durable, and breathable, while also being designed and stitched to accommodate the positions and pressure points of using a wheelchair. Some garments are made to thermally regulate the wearer, others to protect their skin, and all to allow freedom of movement. Their apparel is also made to be easy to put on and take off, with easy-to-use zippers, fasteners, and snap-back designs. For Travis, he finds this is particularly helpful for his nurses and caregivers who might struggle to dress someone with little movement. IF Inc.’s clothing is being developed and manufactured in Canada.

“I have not given up on my dream.”

Travis is currently refining the business model of IF Inc. through Impact Hub Ottawa’s incubation program, Impact Academy, with his friend and assistant, Cece Balys. He notes an incredible wealth of people who have helped make IF Inc. possible, especially his family–his mom, Karen, and his sister, Sarah, who is both a trained chef and president of the company. 

Travis has high hopes of retailing IF Inc. apparel in rehab centers, hospitals, wheelchair stores, and other places that sell to or assist people with mobility challenges. People can also pre-order clothes through the website. If you have struggled with inadequate clothes for your lifestyle, he invites you to be the first to wear IF Inc.