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It’s Prairie Scene swag-o-rama time, courtesy of the NAC!

By Trevor Pritchard on April 29, 2011



northern prairie lakes, looooove it

Photo courtesy thebanana on Flickr.

Update: We’ve got a winner! Congrats to Rusty, who knew the answer was Flin Flon – it’s a major copper mining centre, was named after a character in a science fiction novel, and was the site of a medicinal marijuana production facility. (It’s also where the above picture was taken.)

The first few days of Prairie Scene (note our ongoing coverage in the top right corner of the site, y’all) have been a windy, blustery affair – though perhaps that’s appropriate, given that as a kid growing up in Saskatchewan, I’d often have to cut my summer street hockey games short on account of tornado warnings.

But if the weather’s scared you away from taking in the two-week festival, perhaps a prize pack as vast as a Manitoba horizon will change your mind! Thanks to the generous folks at the National Arts Centre, we’ve got a pretty swagtastic collection of tickets and other free stuff to give away this afternoon. Feast your eyes, Apartment613 denizens, on what could be yours, all yours:

  • Two passes for six Prairie Scene shows (regular price: $49) over the rest of the festival
  • a Prairie Scene totebag, in which you can store your Prairie Scene tshirt and water bottle
  • a handful of Prairie Scene buttons
  • two CD samplers of the best music Manitoba and Saskatchewan has to offer

The only unfortunate part of the giveaway is that you won’t get an official Prairie Scene wheelbarrow to cart away your newfound riches. But before we give the pack away, let’s once more test your knowledge of the two provinces. Say you’ve enrolled in an interdisciplinary class at the University of Manitoba called “Copper Mining, Science Fiction, and Contemporary Medicinal Marijuana Policy.” What prairie city would you most likely visit on a field trip? The first person to email us at with the correct answer – and a sentence or two explaining why this place is your destination – gets the prize pack!



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