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Island Park Distribution shows off their Ottawa swag

By Jean McLernon on June 10, 2015

Island Park Distribution is Ottawa’s newest initiative to support artists, while simultaneously throwing their hat in the ring for local fashion. This two part project looks at both the amazing talent of local Ottawa artists, and provides unique and stylish attire showcasing those artists. IPD was founded by Martin Conley-Wood and Richard Monette, who grew up several streets apart. Their partnership blossomed, and soon the idea to simultaneously help local artists and launch a clothing line was born.

Island Park Distribution launched in March of this year to a flurry of support and sales. Their 5 panel hat is their only in-stock item of inventory, with their IPD labels made right here in the capital. The rest of their shirts showcase the work of local artists, and are printed on a made-to-order basis through Burbank Printing. Their current artists provide the amazing prints that grace the t-shirts of IPD, and currently have the designs All the Noms, Lips Abuzz and Shipwrecked. These awesome designs are just the start for IPD, and things will never be bland as their roster of local talent is ever-expanding with new additions of talent coming soon. The apparel is both clothing and a piece of wearable art.

Their launch party for the apparel line was April 27th, and was so successful they sold out of a few styles of their 5 panel hat. Since then the duo has received nothing but support. In the first week of being live, IPD had sales under their belts and followers across social media interested in the project. The initiative is small, and is mutually beneficial for both the artists and the founders by IPD splitting the profits 50/50. “We look to define and showcase the creative process, because it is as much about the artists as it is about us,” Co-founder Conley-Wood says, “The artists aren’t getting much out of this, and we aren’t either… but its has potential.”

Currently, their t-shirts are on sale for a limited time with the original works of current artists Catherine Gibbard, Sandra Mannila and Frances Conley-Wood. In the coming months, IPD is looking to move forward with the apparel line by adding in more 5 panel hats and tank tops. “I think we’re on the cusp of something interesting here in Ottawa,” Conley-Wood says, “We need to show off our shameless Ottawa Swag.”

Keep up with Island Park Distribution on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for news on their upcoming attire.