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Photo courtesy of the Noisy Locomotive.

Introducing your local Folk Fest lineup Part 2: Pony Girl, The Noisy Locomotive and High Waters

By François Levesque on May 8, 2014

In collaboration with the Ottawa Folk Festival, Apt613 is announcing the local bands that will be playing at this year’s festival. From singer-songwriter, to ska and folk infused electronica, this batch is diverse and talented.

Part 2 features bands with sounds old and new: Pony Girl, The Noisy Locomotive and High Waters. Read Part 1 here.

The Noisy Locomotive

Genre: old’ timey bluegrass

The Noisy Locomotive may have been created under the influence of a midsummer moon and a lot of fresh air, but their music’s really made for sweaty barn parties. The trio, made up of brothers Trevor and Corey Pool and childhood friend Ben Nesrallah, have spent the past year developing a unique blend of old-time folk and bluegrass.

They got their start busking at Montreal metro stations, which quickly turned into gig requests. In July of 2013, the Noisy Locomotive independently recorded, produced and distributed their debut album Live From Woodlawn, and in four months the band sold all 700 limited-edition copies of the album. The release of Live From Woodlawn coincided with a ten-day guerilla busking marathon outside the Ottawa Bluesfest gates. Mark Monahan, organizer for both Bluesfest and Folk Fest, obviously took note and invited them to play this year’s Folk Fest.

Part cover band, part original compositions, their eponymous last album featured re-inspired songs from artists like Leadbelly, Flatt and Scruggs and Elvis Presley.

The Noisy Locomotive hit the Folk Fest stage on Thursday, September 11. 

Pony Girl

Genre: art rock – aka folk meets electronica

Photo courtesy of Pony Girl.

Photo courtesy of Pony Girl.

Reason # 101 that Ottawa is great: The Ottawa Rock Lottery. The annual event gets local musicians from a variety of genres and bands to throw their names into a hat, resulting in five news temporary bands tasked with creating new music within 24 hours. Sometimes special moments are created.

Pony Girl  was one such instance. Thrown together through the Ottawa Rock Lottery, the members of the band enjoyed the experience so much they decided to stick together.

The collective plays at the outer edges of folk where the genre meets electronica. Their soundscapes mix soft guitars with woodwinds, synth and samples. Their 2013 release Show Me Your Fears is available now through Pop Drone Records, and their sophomore album Foreign Life will mesmerize listeners in 2015.

Pony Girl plays Folk Fest Friday, September 12. 

High Waters

Genre: alt rock

Last we heard from High Waters they were releasing their debut EP entitled Gather Wish in 2012. Described (slightly apologetically) by our music critic as Coldplay

Photo courtesy of High Waters.

Photo courtesy of High Waters.

meets Hawksley Workman, the quartet’s alterna-rock speaks to an older era of music:

“A concept album through and through, Gather Wish calls for a top to bottom listen to truly appreciate the musicality and sonic storytelling on offer. This EP is an entertaining ride that mixes strong musicianship with the kind of arc I miss from post-classic rock albums of the 1980s.”

Harmonies and dark melodies play strongly in High Waters’ music and their live performances explores this contrast of high energy groove and sombre introspective soundscapes. They are currently writing and recording their debut full-length album. We’re curious to see how these two years have helped mould High Waters’ sound and hear what new music have in store.

High Waters plays Folk Fest Friday, September 12.