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Introducing Ottawa Beer Tastings

By Jordan Duff on January 15, 2016

All photos by Jordan Duff.

All photos by Jordan Duff.

If you thirst for both knowledge and beer, there’s a new service starting in Ottawa ready to satisfy those cravings.

IMG_20151030_185447Ottawa Beer Tastings is a venture launched by the good people behind Ottawa Beer Events. If you are an Ottawa-area beer enthusiast, you likely already visit the OBE site to keep up with local events, if not, you are going to want to bookmark that one. OBE was established to act as a central resource of beer news in the Ottawa area. Since launching the website, co-editors Matt and Sasha took their own beer education to the next level by getting involved with the Members of Barleyment, beginning their Prud’homme certification and working towards their Beer Judge certification (BJCP). Inspired by their own learning, the two decided to begin offering educational tasting experiences at people’s homes: hence the creation of Ottawa Beer Tastings.

Enjoying the great beer produced locally while having fun is all part of the process. The end goal is to raise the overall sophistication and  appreciation of the Ottawa beer scene. Hopefully this  will, in turn, help push more bars and restaurants to curate more advanced beer lists and provide the highest level of beer service. Lofty expectations, but a noble cause.

If you are considering a Ottawa Beer Tastings event, here’s what you need to know. Matt and Sasha supply all the necessary gear including fancy tasting glasses, tasting sheets, reference materials, pitchers for water and palate cleansers (crackers). The cost is $200 for 10 people or less and an additional $15 per person above 10. The session lasts 2 hours plus another 30 minutes for set-up and take-down on either side.

IMG_snjineOBT can purchase the beer and be reimbursed by the host or the host can purchase the beer themselves. There are numerous packages available on their website, such as a tasting focusing exclusively on Belgian brews. The tastings typically move from lighter to heavier beers and endeavors to include a range of both seasonal beers and those available at the LCBO.

Matt and Sasha are passionate about beer and wish to share their passion and knowledge. The more involved the participants are with questions and comments, the more rewarding the sessions will be. OBT wants to create an enjoyable experience by tailoring each event to the clients need, based on their experience with beer and brewing.

The craft beer industry has exploded in Ottawa so quickly that it’s easy to forget it’s still growing and attracting new clients. OBT wants to help elevate the beer-ducation of those interested and maybe create a few converts along the way. It’s hard not to cheer for a new business that supports the 613 beer scene!