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Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle at her home studio. Photo provided.

Introducing Apartment613’s first artist-in-residence, Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle

By Apartment613 and Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle on June 13, 2020

For the first time, Apartment613 is welcoming an artist-in-residence to stay at our virtual pad. Over the next four weeks, readers will have the chance to follow our resident as they share their progress and inspiration with the community while pursuing a personal creative project.

Piloting this new initiative is Wakefield-born, Ottawa-based artist Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle. Her response to the call for submissions was a unique proposal to become Apt613’s metalsmith-in-residence. Kathleen trained as a blacksmith at art schools in Canada and the United States as the foundation for her practise in metal arts and jewellery design.

Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle at her home studio. Photo provided.

Briefly, her project involves creating a metal map of Ottawa, which will be broken into pieces that come together like a puzzle to form a whole. She would like each piece to become a necklace that belongs to someone in that part of town, bringing all these strangers together by holding a piece of the whole artwork “together apart.”

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more as Kathleen’s project develops, as she intends to incorporate readers’ feedback into key decisions along the way—like how many pieces should there be and where will the lines be drawn? Watch this space and follow @apt613 for frequent updates. We’ll get to know the artist through correspondence with Apt613 contributors and reader-sourced Q&As. For now, feel free to just say “hi!” Kathleen is @baskk_ca on Instagram.

“Kathleen’s project stood out because it has a strong theme of connectivity and inclusiveness, which is more important than ever.”

“In a time when everyone is encouraged to be apart, Kathleen’s project stood out because it has a strong theme of connectivity and inclusiveness, which is more important than ever,” says a statement from our residency selection team. “Along with neighbourhoods being represented through her art, we are excited to see how the community can participate in her process over the course of the residency, and we look forward to working with her as everything develops.”

Special thanks to Holly Mohr, Penny Lee Colbourne, and Karen Diepeveen-Summerfield for serving as Apt613’s jury members. Together, they reviewed 32 project proposals to select the recipient of our first artist-in-residence micro grant. We hope to do this again, as the jury felt strongly about several proposals. Local applicants from all creative processes were invited to apply, which resulted in an amazing variety of emerging and established artists who are passionate about building their communities.

“We thought this one was cool,” writes the jury, “because it’s a very unique project, and will give readers and potential future applicants the idea that any idea will be considered. There is some cool story material that will be generated, as well as tangible community involvement across the city, in a way that is safe right now.”

This residency is funded by Apartment613’s volunteer Board of Directors. If you represent a business or cultural organization or would like to contribute to Apt613’s Residency Fund as an individual , please reach out to <>.