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Heart (digital illustration) by Corinne Blouin

Interview: Q&A with visual artist Corinne Blouin

By Sonya Gankina on June 24, 2020

The deep need for healing is felt throughout the entire world. By healing individually and allowing ourselves to grow, we contribute to the health of our entire community and collective. Whether you are focusing on overcoming inter-generational trauma or leaning more into self-actualization through art or writing, the energy created through these healing processes is powerful.

Everyone heals in their own ways, that is the beauty of doing inner work. However, there are tools and mediums that can help you find your peace and dive deeper into yourself. And the best part is you don’t have to do it alone.

Original work by Corinne Blouin titled Untitled

Orange Blossom, (digital illustration) by Corinne Blouin

Today, let’s meet Corinne Blouin, an Ottawa-based creative focusing on energy healing, movement, and combining the practice of art for self-expression with healing and growth. Blouin is one of the co-founders of MusicArtPpl, a creative collective bringing the Ottawa community together through interactive experiences and events. She also founded her own series of healing creative events called Sketch & Stretch sessions, and recently led one of the workshops as a Creative Mornings Virtual FieldTrip for a global audience. Blouin is a visual artist with

Photo of Corinne Blouin's Pressed Mural

Pressed Mural by Corrine Blouin, photo provided by artist

formal graphic design training, and you can find her murals around the city (outside Pressed on Gladstone Ave, for example) or view her past works on her website.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Apt613: What is your deep underlying “why” for doing what you do? How does it translate into your offerings?

Blouin: My main “why” for making art has always been that it makes me feel closer to myself as I make it. As I developed my art practice as a career path, my “why” shifted into not only fostering a sense of safety freely within my personal art-making but also to encourage others to find this creative safety so they can allow themselves to create too. I think art is an amazing self-reflection tool for everyone and we simply need to give ourselves permission to explore it.

Positive Bees by Corinne Blouin

Stay True (digital illustration) by Corinne Blouin

How did you get started with visual art?

I’m very grateful to have grown up in a family where my creative impulses were celebrated and encouraged from a very young age. My grandma is also a visual artist so we would draw and paint together when I was a child. My interest in intricate, psychedelic illustration started in high school when I played music and was introduced to the wonderful illustrated world of gig posters! That’s the reason I went on to study graphic design.

Who or what are your inspirations, your motivations?

My main inspiration these days is the exploration of the inner-self, consciousness, and connection to nature. My meditation and energy healing practices also play a huge role in inspiring my visual works. I’m really into the concept of what lies in our subconscious minds and the hidden inner truths we all keep so safely hidden within us. My main motivation is to bring those things out into the physical world so it can be seen and celebrated.

Observer (acrylic on wood) by Corinne Blouin.

What are the best practices for healing right now as a collective? What are some things we can do to inspire more positive energy?

Our collective realities are being shifted in big ways, on multiple levels these days. I think the best thing we can do is to allow ourselves to explore our relationship with creative energy in a way that feels playful. Enjoy nature if you can and notice how this affects your desire to create. Also, opening ourselves up to what others are creating and encouraging our social circles to channel their emotions into a project, in any creative medium, is always a great way to stay connected and full.

What’s the best way to support you?

The best way to support me is to follow me on Instagram to keep up with projects and updates in real-time. If you’d like to dive into your creative energy on a deeper level with my guidance, I offer workshops and one-on-one sessions too. You can find all this info on my website.

By taking this next step into creativity and exploring how you feel, you can experience a newfound sense of freedom, peace, and tranquility. Let’s channel the healing energy of Corinne’s work and offerings and bring it with us as a guiding light into this journey. Check out Corinne’s Instagram and website and remember to support local in this new phase of life for all of us!