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Jess Magnan. Photo: Jamie Kronick.

Interview: Meditation and yoga teacher Jessica Magnan

By Jamie MacPherson on June 23, 2020

“I’ve been through such dark personal experiences that I simply felt it was my responsibility to shine light on the way out for as many as possible,” says Jessica (Jess) Magnan, a successful entrepreneur who’s devoted herself to bettering the lives of others. This is her story.

The Magnanimous Warrior

Magnan is a Certified Integral Associate Coach, meditation teacher, and registered yoga teacher at Pure Yoga, Elevate, and SoulSpeak. She also volunteers for Warrior Yoga. Combining her last name and her love of helping people, Magnan came up with The Magnanimous Warrior as her business name. “It so perfectly captures my personality, both personally and professionally.” Since 2012, she’s been making a difference in many ways.

Jess Magnan. Photo: Lee-Michael Pronko.

The benefits of a coach

If you’re in a rut, feeling uninspired, bored, or stuck in bad habits, then a coach is beneficial, Magnan says: “They shine a light on things you’ve been ignoring, reflect things back to you in a more objective and clarifying way, and affirm what you’ve secretly been feeling and/or thinking for a long time.”

Magnan works with her clients one goal at a time to ensure their self-awareness muscle is building. Offering a clear picture of the problem often creates an epiphany where cycles break, new possibilities appear, and brightness emerges. From there, Jess says, the client does the rest.

Her favourite things about coaching are the progress, awareness, and empowerment she sees in her clients during their journeys. “It’s a privilege to watch people turning around and recognizing how much power they have.”

On meditation 

Magnan teaches a unique blend of meditation that combines visualization, body awareness, and breath work to show people how to free their minds, recalibrate, and reboot. She shows clients first how to bring their attention to a new empty space and then to change the channel “to a place of ease and enthusiasm — to shift their own energy.” She believes the key to liberation is to “see the mind as a tool we may use to choose how we spend our energy.” Moving our attention elsewhere is pivotal in starting to feel better. “Whatever we give our attention to, we give our energy to, and whatever we give our energy to, we give life to.”

In short one-minute “Mini Meditation” videos, Magnan shares her reflections on how to be a happier person. “Because when we feel good, we attract good,” she says. And because meditation improves all aspects of your life, from your sleep to your overall outlook, “by meditating, we become able to move beyond the mind and reclaim our true power. We access intuition, guidance, clarity, simplicity and freedom.”

Jess Magnan. Photo: Jamie Kronick.

Why meditate? “So many people state their reason for not meditating as not having enough time or having a mind that is too busy,” Magnan said. “There is a great saying that ‘life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you’. Every obstacle, irritation, hardship, or mundane task is an opportunity to fine-tune your vibration and amplify your presence. A daily meditation practice can help us to simply be present to whatever is arising in the now without needing resistance. It is a powerful way to shift our inner response to life which ultimately changes our outer ‘broadcast’ — we attract more of whatever we are broadcasting.”

Jess Magnan. Photo: Jamie Kronick.

The law of attraction

Another lesson Magnan shares is that “the people, things, and experiences that vibrate at the same frequency we do” come close to us; your “point of attraction” is how you feel about what you are giving your attention to. What’s key is recognizing that the body doesn’t know whether what we’re zeroing in on is real or imagined. Magnan says that we can use our imaginations to attract things we desire, just by thinking about things that make us feel good – whether we have them or not. With practice, we notice our attention more, fine-tuning to our benefit, pulling in more good.

“This is where meditation comes in,” said Magnan. “When we start to feel negative, we have left the route to our best lives. We can use meditation to pivot out. When we feel good, it’s a sign we can proceed in this way toward more good feeling experiences – when we can become attuned to this guidance, we can reroute more swiftly and spend less time feeling negative. The message is not that feeling bad is wrong, but simply that we don’t have to stay there for so long.”

Jess Magnan with her new baby. Photo: Jamie Kronick.

What’s next?

Magnan’ plans include more yoga and meditation videos and returning to coaching/meditation workshops. She also has three different five-day at-home yoga series’ for sale on her website and a series with Pure Yoga Online to help you start a personal meditation practice. Podcasts will restart in July 2020 and openings for new coaching clients are fast approaching. Something special with The Yoga Attic is also in the works.

Jess’s message to Ottawa

Magnan: “If you have conceived of something you have not yet achieved, this is your higher self calling you forward. Spiritual inquiry and practice are not only for a certain kind of person, but for each and every one of us – it’s actually quite simple. To be a spiritual practitioner is to answer the call of our best selves. Each individual that answers this call raises the collective human vibration toward a new kind of existence on our planet. If you are reading this, answer the call.”

Jessica Magnan is an Ottawa-based yoga/meditation teacher and life coach. When she’s not teaching or working with clients, she can probably be found hanging with her new son or trying to sneak in a meditation in the park. To see some of her offerings, check out her ever-evolving website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.