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Jeremy Hotz and his dog Shackleton. Photo provided.

Interview: Jeremy Hotz returns to Ottawa—Sept. 8, 2022

By Asim B. on September 7, 2022




One of the things I missed most during COVID lockdowns was being able to see live shows. One of my favourites by far is stand-up comedy. I love how one person, with nothing more than a mic and their own musings, can have everyone so captivated and roaring with laughter. I feel like we need such experiences more than ever as the official end of the pandemic seems elusive and most of our thoughts are taken up with rising inflation and attention-grabbing world headlines.

Photo provided.

That’s why a regular dose of comedy and funny takes on everyday life can be the extra pep we need to keep a light view on things. And if you’re in such a mood, then I’ve got good news for you, as Jeremy Hotz (Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, The Jon Stewart Show, The Newsroom) will be coming to town on September 8 at the Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe.

In anticipation of the show, I had the luck of getting in touch with Jeremy to see what he’s been up to and how he’s managing life post-COVID with his chihuahua Shackleton.

Apt613: How is Shackleton doing these days?

Jeremy Hotz: Shackleton is fine. We’re up at my bro’s cottage for a few days. I just took him fishing for the first time. Now we both hate it. We’re not outdoorsmen. We like cement.

What was going through your head when you realized that COVID lockdown was going to last more than the initial few weeks?

JH: I was always told that during tough times the world will need to be entertained, so my job would always be safe. First thing COVID stopped was live shows. Now, I never listen to other people.

How did you keep your comedy skills sharpened during the pandemic lockdowns?

JH: I have always talked to myself. I find myself to be great company. So when I had to spend time in lockdown, I loved it. I just talked to myself and when funny stuff came out, I wrote it down.

What has it been like performing since things opened up?

JH: Performing has been great since everything opened up. The government said we weren’t an essential service. From the reaction, I’d say they were wrong. Maybe they’re not an essential service.

Do you find your comedy thoughts and musings being different before and after COVID?

JH: I spend some time talking about COVID but not the whole show. I have to leave a little room for monkeypox.

What’s touring like, especially across different countries these days?

JH: Touring is fine. Travel is shit. It used to be really easy but now it’s garbage. Toronto is the worst I’ve ever seen. Air Canada makes Shack fly under the seat. I’m going to have to get him a service animal now.

I love seeing live comedy and I’m sure Jeremy’s show will have you laughing the whole night. I highly recommend seeing him when he comes to town.

Jeremy Hotz is performing at Meridian Theatres (101 Centrepointe Dr.) on Thursday, September 8. Find tickets here.