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Photo courtesy of Andrew Grosvenor

Interview: GREATHUNTER’s Andrew Grosvenor on the band’s latest album, ROAMER

By Grace O'Manique on June 17, 2022

In 2017 Andrew Grosvenor approached Leigh Newton with a new idea; a dream-pop meets synth-wave meets chamber music project. After experimenting with the idea and putting some of Andrew’s old songs into that framework, GREATHUNTER’s debut album PREY was born. Five years later, now evolved into a five-person band with even richer orchestral movements and brighter sounds, GREATHUNTER is back! Their second album ROAMER which officially released on June 10th. To celebrate their newest release, Apartment613 spoke with Andrew Grosvenor of GREATHUNTER about ROAMER, the power of memories, and the band’s dream collab.

Apartment613: How would you describe ROAMER?

Grosvenor: ROAMER is informed in large part by dreams, rumination and the power of memories and our own histories. Although it’s not really a concept album, there is a loose narrative running through the songs that, no surprise given the album title, is linked to searching, discovering and allowing oneself to get lost figuratively and literally, then returning when the time is right to familiar grounds and people. Like all of our releases, it makes use of one of my father’s photo slides from the late ’60s / early ’70s for the [cover] art. I think those late night scenes depict the feeling of the album quite well.

ROAMER album cover. Photo provided.

Apt613: Take us through the writing and recording process for this album.

Grosvenor: Recording ROAMER was a bit of a lengthy process, partly due to the pandemic. We started tracking in early 2019, which seems so long ago. We recorded in a variety of locations: our friend Peter’s studio, Leigh’s home studio, our violinist Neil’s cottage, and even the piano studio at uOttawa. With time in between the various sessions, we were able to tweak and add things here and there to flesh out the songs even more.

We handed the album off to an awesome local producer Mike Bond, who co-owns Wolf Lake Studio in Quebec. He mixed and mastered ROAMER in 2021 but we decided to hold on to it until now, to give it a release that can coincide with playing live again.

Apt613: Dream collab?

Grosvenor: Playing with a local chamber group would be fantastic. [It] would very much complement the amazing work done by Neil, Aaron, Antoine and Steve. The richness and depth that comes from the interplay of strings, horns and woodwinds is impossible to beat, and it would make for a special rendition of the songs off ROAMER and some of our other recent singles, “To the Sea” and “The Thinning of the Veil”.

GREATHUNTER Band Photo. Photo provided.

Apt613: What are the band’s plans/goals for the future?

Grosvenor: We’ve played one gig since the loosening of Covid restrictions this year, so the plan is to continue that and play more often to promote the album. We also just filmed a two-song live set with Topon Das at his Apartment 2 Studio, so that will be out on our YouTube channel soon. A third record is now in the early stages of being recorded.

Apt613: Where is the best place for listeners to find and support your project?

Grosvenor: The best place to support us directly is bandcamp where the record can be purchased (and we’ll have some cool merch coming soon!). Aside from that, listening on streaming services, following us on Instagram, and sharing the album with others goes a long way!