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IFCO premiered 7 new films at Film/Scape gala

By Arielle Follett on April 29, 2014



The Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa (IFCO) premiered seven new films at Club SAW for IFCO’s Film/Scape gala on April 26.

The films were all made by Ottawa-based filmmakers and members of IFCO. Films ranged from being as short as three minutes to as long as 20 minutes.

Still from Bridget Farr Redmond's Apocaplypse – Apalooza.

Still from Bridget Farr Redmond’s Apocaplypse – Apalooza.

Filmmakers used a range of analog film types, mostly 16mm film. One filmmaker used 35mm and another decided on super eight film.

“We have both established and up-and-coming artists from the Ottawa area, so it’s a nice range,” says Patrice James, IFCO executive director. “It’s very important to support these artists through all stages of their development.”

Bridget Farr Redmond was the filmmaker behind Apocaplypse – Apalooza, a documentary about the local band of the same name.

The band only offered Redmond full access a day before the event. Without enough time to order film, Redmond had to use the two high speed 16mm film she had in her fridge.

With two and a half minutes of film on each roll and her film coming in at just under five minutes, almost all of the footage made it into the final film.

On top of it all, Redmond was eight months pregnant at the time of shooting.

Still from Bill Langford's F.I.N.E. (feelings inside not expressed).

Still from Bill Langford’s F.I.N.E. (feelings inside not expressed).

Another filmmaker, Bill Langford, screened his film F.I.N.E. (Feelings Inside Not Expressed) as well. It is about his relationship with his mother and runs at just under five minutes.

“Everyone has a mother, but I believe few are able to share with them what I have been able to share with mine,” he says. “Because of this, I consider myself to be fortunate, privileged, blessed.”

The filmmakers look forward to the gala year after year.

“It’s always wonderful to see other artists working in film and have the opportunity to chat with them,” Redmond says. “IFCO galas always inspire me to think about my next project and create more work.”

“There must be joy associated with the effort (of filming),” says Langford. “IFCO provides a wonderful opportunity for just that, finding joy in one’s expression.”

The Film/Scape gala is one of many events thrown by IFCO throughout the year. To find out more, visit their website.