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I Can’t Believe It’s Not: Fleetwood Mac – Rumours Playlist

By Jill Krajewski on December 3, 2015





Screen-Shot-2015-12-03-at-9.50.35-AMI Can’t Believe It’s Not is more than fake butter – it’s also the name of the most awesome, dance-til-you-sweat album cover nights in the 613.

Since 2013, the live series has brought together Ottawa musicians of all stripes to pay tribute to The Strokes’ Is This It, Nirvana’s Nevermind, and Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.

Fleetwood Mac’s gold-dust rock classic Rumours is up next for two nights at St. Alban’s on December 3 and 4 – a very appropriate venue to pay thanks to the goddess that is Stevie Nicks.

This edition of the ICBIN band includes Caylie Runciman (Boyhood), Rolf Klausener (The Acorn / Silkken Laumann), Martin Charbonneau (Fevers / The Acorn / Mastik / Silkken Laumann / Kalle Mattson…phew!), Mike Dubue and Pascal Delaquis (Hilotrons), and Jon Hynes starring as himself.

We asked some members of the ICBIN crew to share their favourite songs from Rumours and their favourite tracks by their bandmates to warm you up. Get to know these solid tracks from Fleetwood Mac and Ottawa music!

Caylie Runciman

Rumours picks: “Dreams”

“The Chain”

ICBIN band picks: Hilotrons – “Born A Dancer”

Silkken Laummann – “Giving You Up”

Rolf Klausener

Rumours picks: “I Don’t Want To Know”

“Go Your Own Way”

ICBIN band picks: Hilotrons – Bella Simone (entire album)

Boyhood – “Thailand”

Martin Charbonneau

Rumours pick: “You Make Loving Fun”

ICBIN band pick: Silkken Laumann – “On The Mend”

Mike Dubue

Rumours pick: “Dreams”

ICBIN band pick: The Acorn – “Lullaby (Mountain)”

Jon Hynes

Rumours pick: “You Make Loving Fun”

ICBIN band pick: Hilotrons – “Harbour Shark”

Advance tickets to ICBIN Fleetwood Mac: Rumours on December 3 and 4 may be sold out, but never fear! There are 50 tickets available at St. Alban’s on both nights for $15 each.

Doors and bonus music doc screenings are at 8:00 pm, and the main event begins at 9:30 pm, so get there early. Keep an eye on ICBIN’s Facebook page too. Who knows, you might get a shot at scoring a copy of Rumours yourself…