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I can haz take-out? – Now with more Internets!

By Ryan Saxby Hill on March 8, 2009


It’s easy to find an excuse not to cook. The weather was actually nice in Ottawa for the first time in a while this past weekend – and if you are not the cooking type – there’s no sense wasting a perfectly good weekend making yourself food. Enjoy your life! Throw off the tethers of your apron and start exploring Ottawa’s crazy world of take-out at

This site provides a scanned catalogue of take-out menus from all over the city and is great for expanding your usual repertoire.  Finally there’s no need to actually save those silly menus that show up on the doorstep or keep the ever-expanding collage of menus on the fridge.

If all this take-out freedom crippling you with choice – a couple of my favourites are in the database:
India Express Food and Sweets – Hintonburg’s favourite, with the best Matar Paneer I’ve ever tasted
Sushi 88 – combos are a good deal and I like the spicy tuna
La Favorita – nice to have a good higher quality pizza option for when $11.99 at Pizza Pizza just won’t do.