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Observing music through photographs

By Alejandro Bustos on June 15, 2015

What does music look like?  For local photographer Jehu Jacob Mahautiere this question is at the forefront of his artistic work.

“I was a DJ in Montreal, that is where my passion for art comes from,” says Mahautiere, who moved to Ottawa about a decade ago.

His time spinning records in night clubs and dance parties, he tells me, led him to make a direct connection between sound and images.

“When I listened to music I had an image in my head,” he says in a phone interview.  “When I heard a song I would create the video in my head and that is what I transpose in my photography.”

Curious to see how this worked in practice, we asked the budding artist to create a short photo-essay (see below) on the relation between music and images.

For those who want to see his work in a more formal setting, Mahautiere is having a one-day exhibit of his photography this coming Friday, June 19 at Prinzo Fine Catering (85 O’Connor).  Tickets are $20 and get you into the exhibit (6 to 10 pm), as well as the after party (10 pm to 2 am) where you can dance the night away.  Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and great beats will be on offer.

For information on how to purchase tickets see the exhibit’s Facebook page.


Photo by Jehu Jacob Mahautiere

R&B Love song

R&B 1


R&B 2

Alternative Music


Photo by Jehu Jacob Mahautiere

Photo by Jehu Jacob Mahautiere