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Hood Wars 2013: The Ottawa Open

By Apartment613 on September 17, 2013

Hood WarsHood Wars is Apt613’s annual neighbourhood smack down, a war of words to determine which of the city’s 97 neighbourhoods is the best.

The story to date:

The Hintonburg Mafia won the first ever Hood Wars, using methods I will not divulge lest I wake up with a horse head in my bed. Smugly assuming superiority at the launch of Hood Wars year two, the Mafia was unprepared for an assault by the guerrilla forces of Chinatown and were quickly dispatched. Chinatown fought on bravely, but were quickly overwhelmed by the mass of the Centretown Army, who crushed all opponents on their long march to victory in Hood Wars 2012.

Hood Wars 2013 is about to start. Will the Hintonburg Mafia steal back the title? Can Centretown muscle its way to victory once more? Is this the year a plucky upstart take out the downtown neighbourhoods?

Only you can decide.

The stakes have never been higher. To the loser, one year of dealing with the winner’s sense of smug superiority.

To the winning hood, eternal glory for one year and… a t-shirt! This year, we will be producing a limited run of a t-shirt celebrating the winning neighbourhood. The design will be based on the logo for Support Local Month, design by  Steve St. Pierre. Support Local – a month long celebration of Ottawa artists, artisans and small business – will be happening this November; stay tuned on Apt613 for the line up of events!

In past years, eight neighbourhoods have gone head to head in three rounds, with the hood with the most votes moving on to the next round. This year we will do things a bit differently. The Ottawa Open edition of Hood Wars will take place over five rounds:

  • Wednesday September 18 – Best Restaurant Row;
  • Saturday September 21 – Best Public Art and Architecture;
  • Wednesday September 25– Best Green Spaces;
  • Saturday September 28 – Best Neighbourhood Party;
  • Wednesday October 2 – Best Je-ne-sais-quoi.

In each round, readers will be asked to vote for any Ottawa neighbourhood that they think represents the best the city has to offer in each category. For example, tomorrow you will vote for your favourite restaurant row in the city. The top neighbourhood in each category will get 10 points, the runner-up 9 points, third place 8 points and so on. The neighbourhood that rakes up the most points overall will be announced on the blog Saturday, October 5 and declared the Best Ottawa Neighbourhood of all time (for one year).

So gather up your neighbours, send word to your relatives and marshall your forces for Hood Wars year three.