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Photo: Jennifer Bernard/Apt613

Gig Pick: Hollerado call it quits but play Ottawa one last time—11.22.19 at Bronson Centre Music Theatre

By Greggory Clark on October 16, 2019



Hollerado is throwing in the towel but playing one last hometown gig. Don’t miss their final Ottawa show on November 22 at the Bronson Centre Music Theatre. The Ottawa valley rockers from Manotick (they grew up on the same street) formed in 2007 and bought a tour van which they literally fuelled with talent—at times pulling over to random bars and pitching an impromptu gig in exchange for gas money. All to make sure they could keep rolling.

They honed their live show touring Record In A Bag for several years; their debut recording. Touring would take them as far away as China, Brazil, and all over Canada and the United States. “We’ve had the best time, we’ve gotten to travel the world,” says lead singer Menno Versteeg, who met his best friends an bandmates Jake Boyd, Nixon Boyd and Dean Switzer because they grew up on the same street.

In 2009, Hollerado embarked on a 28-day “residency tour.” In that time the band played a ridiculous seven clubs in seven cities seven days a week. Their infamous residency tour included weekly gigs at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa, Piano’s in New York City, and Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto, among other venues. And this was years before Hollerado started receiving calls to open for some of their favourite bands including The Flaming Lips, Weezer, Beck and Sum 41.

In an interview with Apartment613, lead singer Menno Versteeg says “the main question I ask people is: how many bands’ sixth record is your favourite record? It’s not very many.”

The response to Hollerado’s retirement has been quite strong, with quick sellouts at many shows on the “One Last Time” tour. Did that play any seed of doubt for the band to reconsider? “No,” says Versteeg, “it reaffirmed it even more. These shows wouldn’t have sold out if we hadn’t made the announcement we were retiring.”

Hollerado is playing the Bronson Centre Theatre (211 Bronson Avenue) on Friday November 22. Doors open at 7pm and Charly Bliss opens the show at 8pm. Tickets cost $25.00–27.50 online and at Vertigo Records.