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Photo courtesy of Nutrition With Karine

New Local Biz: Youtrition With Karine

By Jordan Duff on November 1, 2016

Karine Larocque left a comfortable government job in Ottawa to launch her health and nutrition business, Youtrition With Karine. Pun game on point! Becoming an entrepreneur and launching a health-focused business takes a certain amount of courage, even more so when you are leaving a steady public service income. For Larocque, the choice was of necessity: “I knew that if I stayed in [the public service] instead of pursuing my business dreams, I would be miserable… so I decided to just do it!

Photo by G. R. Martin

Photo by G. R. Martin

Karine was inspired by other successful female entrepreneurs like Gabrielle Bernstein and Danielle Laporte. For support, she turned to local branding company Cinnamon Toast and sought Invest Ottawa’s services. She hopes to eventually have the opportunity to inspire other budding entrepreneurs. Larocque advises that those considering their own business should always work towards that goal; whether with big steps or a slow process, always keep the momentum moving forward.

While Larocque’s business journey has reached a positive place, it didn’t start that way. A couple of years back, Larocque says she was sick, and to get healthy again, she turned to alternative therapies, yoga and nutrition. Through her own journey, Larocque was fascinated by alternative health strategies and the treatments that she turned to. Lacrocque is now the one providing advice to those looking for direction. In her words: “Starting a business is simple but it’s not easy. So getting support from a coach, a mentor or the people in your life is key.”

For those, like me, who fear that healthy eating means deprivation or boring foods, Karine assures us that she loves food too. Successful healthy programs have to be sustainable and lasting. This means that she designs personalized programs with full-flavoured foods and achievable goals.

Youtrition With Karine is advising on lifestyle practices and nutrition. You can find, follow or friend Karine through Instagram and Facebook.