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Photo by Terry Steeves

Hidden Gems: Dunbar Bridge (north side) Legal Graffiti Walls

By Terry Steeves on February 17, 2014

Tucked away from view, and under the north side of the Dunbar Bridge on Bronson Street, lies a vast, colourful wonderland of some of the most spectacular graffiti art I’ve ever seen.  Sandwiched between Carleton University and Brewer Park, one can get to the area by way of a path, or there’s the hard way, (which I took) by climbing down the steep side leading directly under the bridge.

As I approached the bottom, I was immediately greeted by abandoned clusters of empty spray cans, left as a testament to the art effort that took place here.  And when I rounded the corner, my senses collided with a wealth of art and colour that almost literally took my breath away.  Truly a sight to be seen, the artwork on these legal graffiti walls changes frequently, with layers upon layers of painted murals.  Each year, the House of PainT hold graffiti competitions under this bridge, as part of their ‘HoP’ Festival, a nationally recognized event which attracts thousands of artists from all over North America.

All photos by Terry Steeves

All photos by Terry Steeves

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