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Hello Studios opening night party. Photo by Marc Racine.

Hello Studios offers new creative space for Ottawa’s artists

By Colin Noden on May 15, 2018


Hello Studios was designed around the concept of making the creation of art convenient, getting inspired by others and accessing the right training when you need it.

Having a convenient place to stash your stuff and minimal time doing cleanup is also a bonus. This is what Christina Lovisa and her artist friends were looking for as they sought out a new creative space. And with the support of her friends she opened Hello Studios as a creative space for Ottawa artists.

Hello Studios welcome box. Photo by Marc Racine.

There are 14 creative stations. These are all mobile, so different configurations can be made to adjust to project demands. Rental lockers and rollaway project bins mean that you can work on your project during your free time, then stow it away until next time. The space can then be freed up for another artist and classes.

Hello Studios is anchored by five permanent stations which are used by artists in residence. The idea is that these artists will help keep the creative energy flowing. They will be working on their own creations but are there for inspiration and feedback as part of a supportive artistic community.

Lessons are also offered. Those times are blocked off from regular space rental use. This keeps the regular users from being disturbed and keeps students from being distracted and perhaps intimidated. Christina told me that teaching new artists is one of her joys. She loves to encourage the artistic spirit in her students. “If you feel intimidated, then you’re in the wrong kind of art class.” She sees teaching as allowing the artistic instinct to find expression.

Christina hopes students will find an appropriate outlet through the variety of techniques being used in Hello Studios. “I’ve even tried my hand at doll making in one of our classes” she said, as she handed me a very Lovisa version of a mermaid cloth doll. I tried to think of an encouraging reply…

But that doll personified the spirit Hello Studios is trying to develop: explore, express, and grow. Creating art can be messy. And sometimes lonely and intimidating. If you’re just starting out, then every move is filled with self doubt. If you’re experienced, there is the feeling that you may be painting yourself into a creative corner. Hello Studios was designed to help with these common artistic problems.

Educate. Experiment. Expand. Encourage. And above all, inspire confidence.

Hello Studios is located by the Maitland offramp of the Queensway at 1735 Courtwood Crescent, Ottawa. Learn more about classes and open studio time online.