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Green Bean and Orange Salad

Apt613 cooks: 15 original recipes for you to try at home

By She Who Must Be Obeyed on October 2, 2016

“Hello My Name Is…” was a weekly summer column by Apt613 contributor She Who Must Be Obeyed. Every week stars one key seasonal ingredient in a new original recipe. For your bookmarks, 15 of those recipes are below.

As a fairly new contributor to the site, I’ve had a blast highlighting local produce at its peak with simple recipes. The weekly posts ended with the start of the school year but I have so many favourite recipes piled up that I’ll be popping up occasionally with something tasty for you to try. If there are particular themes or recipes you’d like to see, please let us know. I’ll also be doing more performing arts reviews.

See below for a roundup of recipes and images. Tag @apt613 in a photo when you make one of these dishes at home. We’d love to see what you get up to, and learn which recipes are your favourites.

For help sourcing fresh local ingredients, see the Apt613 fall guide to Ottawa’s farmers’ markets. Bon appetit!

  1. Hello My Name Is… Apple
  2. Hello My Name Is… Apricot
  3. Hello My Name Is… Asparagus
  4. Hello My Name Is… Black Currant
  5. Hello My Name Is… Fiddleheads
  6. Hello My Name Is… Green Bean
  7. Hello My Name Is… Kale
  8. Hello My Name Is… Nettle
  9. Hello My Name Is… New Potato
  10. Hello My Name Is… Radish
  11. Hello My Name Is… Rhubarb
  12. Hello My Name Is… Strawberry
  13. Hello My Name Is… Swiss Chard
  14. Hello My Name Is… Tomato
  15. Hello My Name Is… Turnip


She Who Must Be Obeyed is a homeschooling mom free from the confines of the OCDSB schedule. That means she’s currently on a road trip to Orlando and back and would love to hear your comments at