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Harvest Noir 2011 Picnickers - photo courtesy fieldtripp on Flickr.

Harvest Noir: Ottawa’s top-secret picnic party is back!

By Karen Diepeveen on July 9, 2012

If you missed last year’s top-secret picnic (a secret kept by over 700 people), you’re in luck. Harvest Noir is returning again this year, and promises to be even bigger and better.

But let’s start with the basics: yes, it’s a secret picnic. And yes, it’s a black tie affair. Yes, you bring your own food. And no, you don’t know where it will be held. At least not until a few hours before the picnic is set to start. You and your fellow picnickers prepare all of your food ahead of time, pull together creative centrepieces, and wait for the email stating where to show up – then descend with hundreds of others to eat local harvest fare and have a rockin’ dance party.

Set for September 30, co-organizer Greg Searle is preparing to welcome 1400 picnickers to the event this year. And while last year’s dinner took place at the picturesque Museum of Civilization, this year’s event will be much more public – somewhere central in downtown Ottawa, where the outfits and food of participants can attract the stares and wonderment of passersby.

Apartment613 sat down with Greg and chatted about secrets, picnics, local fare and even a bicycle flash mob.

Get your tickets now, though – you or a friend will have to be a head of table, and then coordinate finding eight of your friends to join in the foodie fun. Those 1400 tickets are going fast!

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