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Photo from the band's Facebook page.

Video of the Week: Drop and Dance by Harea Band

By Brandon Telford on April 26, 2016

As the release of their second EP, All the Hits, prepares for launch, Canadian pop/soul group, Harea Band, drops an energetic music video to make you dance.

While the track itself is groovy and spirited, it’s the pacing of the video that really sells the story. The video features the journey of a man, bored and impatient with his office job, who finds himself venturing into the downtown scene, where the wilder moments of the night await him. Between some dance floor action, hallucinations from a brownie, and an appetite for living the wild life, this track shows its playful side fearlessly.

But “Drop and Dance” isn’t just a groovy, dance track; it’s also a stylish one. Throughout the 5-minute video, theatrical clips of black and white films are featured to accompany the lyrics. This effect really heightens elements of the track and compliments the playful vibe. And while a large portion of the video offers this sense of urgency – both in the music and on screen – the downtempo midsection responds in an almost dreamy, euphoric way (thanks to the brownie) before returning to the chorus in a booming climax.

This first single from Harea Band’s new EP is a fun and energetic step in the right direction. Prepare yourself – it’s time to dance.

A release show for All the Hits will take place at Kailash Mital Theatre on the Carleton University Campus, on Thursday, April 28th, 2016. Admission is $10 (students by donation). Doors at 7pm. For more info, go to the Facebook event page