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Guerilla Magazine celebrates return to print

By Laurent Robillard-Cardinal on July 29, 2013

Hundreds attended the launch of Guerilla 36 at Patrick Gordon Framing Studio on July 26th. “The event had incredible energy,” said Tony Martins, Guerilla’s editor and creative director. The evening that featured powerful artworks from Guillermo Trejo, Angelina McCormick, Drew Mosley, Anthony Tremmaglia, and Tina Picard, also celebrated Guerilla magazine’s return to print. “The event had a very interesting range of people, which is a hallmark of Guerilla events; being back in print has definitely caught people’s attention.”

Founded in 2004, Guerilla magazine is an arts and ground level culture quarterly based in the Nation’s Capital Region. A couple of years ago, like many print publications, the magazine ceased going to press and turned to the web to share its content. “We stopped printing in the middle of 2011 because we simply did not have a sustainable model in place financially,” confirmed Martins. “Ad sales were up and down and we lacked the kind of partnership we now have with CHUO 89.1 FM.”

The University of Ottawa’s bilingual radio station partnered up with the independently owned and managed Guerilla to offer residents unique content, an alternative voice to mainstream media, and to encourage creativity.

Consequently, after a short hiatus, the print edition is back to Martins’ delight. “We continually had people asking for the print edition to return,” he told Apt613. “You can’t equal the tactile quality of a print magazine with anything digital, not even close, really.”

Martins also wanted to offer the quarterly in its initial form as Guerilla nears its 10th anniversary in March 2014. Therefore, readers will have the opportunity to resume its physical relationship with the distinctive publication.

Longer than a traditional magazine format, Guerilla reserves plenty of space for eye-catching visuals and engaging long pieces. The article on the celebrated Ottawa-based artist Guillermo Trejo is a case in point. The same goes for the piece on Drew Mosley’s passion for framing and visual arts and Tina Picard’s striking pictures.

To pick up a free copy of Guerilla 36, visit CHUO 89.1 FM, 65 University Private, or Patrick Gordon’s Framing Studio 160 Elm Street.