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Got a craving for some EFT-up comedy?

By Jean McLernon on October 21, 2014

Chris Hannay did. That’s why when he first moved to Ottawa with his EFT-up co-founding girlfriend Dani Alon, getting involved in the limited improv scene was a must. He quickly investigated and built relationships with other improv enthusiasts and groups like GRIMprov that has workshops for people wanting more exposure to improv; and Crush Improv that has a core group of individuals that performs shows and special events when they can. With a cross-over of artistic talents and acting support, the Experimental Farm Theatre group was born.

EFTExperimental Farm Theatre is Ottawa’s newest improv theatre group. This homegrown comedy group performs twice monthly for the entertainment of the capital, and bring more than just an improv performance. EFT-up performs the first Tuesday of every month at The Rainbow Bistro for Experimental Farm Theatre Presents: Improv Cabaret. Ever been to an improv performance and felt like joining in on the fun? Improv Cabaret offers you the opportunity to do just that! Arrive early and throw your name in the hat for the chance to join the improv team on stage, and see just how fun and easy making things up can be! Want to just sit back and enjoy the show? Every performance has veteran performers from local groups like Crush Improv and GRIMprov in addition to live music, improve games and impromptu burlesque numbers! The next performance for Improv Cabaret is still up in the air, so stay tuned to the group’s website for updates.

If you can’t make the first Tuesday of every month, you can still catch this fantastic improv group at work monthly at Pressed for the EFT-up Comedy Show. This show takes audience suggestions and personal anecdotes from performers spun into hilarious, unscripted insanity. Doors open at 7pm and show starts at 8pm; tickets are $5. The group’s flagship performance packed the sandwich bar to the hilt, so make sure to get there early for the next show October 22nd to get a good spot!

Want more info on future shows? Follow EFT-up at @eftimprov or on their Facebook page.