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Photos: Taymaz Valley

Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group’s annual art show and sale—until 06.07.19

By Taymaz Valley on May 16, 2019



The Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG) is having their annual art show and sale at the Glebe Community Centre again from May 7th until June 7th. Having attended the opening on May 9th, I can report that the exhibition represents Ottawa fully from all variety of perspectives.

The subjects of the artwork on display are as varied as their mediums, and everything from painting, drawing, photography, sculptural and even knitting has been included in this open show. What is on display just goes to prove that Ottawa is a hub for all kind of artists and creative individuals, on par with the greatest of art metropolises internationally.

The subjects of the artwork on display are as varied as their mediums.

There are many great works included and I have tried to highlight a number of them that caught my eyes at the opening. A good place to start is the wonderful acrylic painting by Gerd Schneider, which places a street musician at the centre of its perspective. Playing an accordion, the musician has contemplative smile on his lips, and the urban scene is as modern as traditional in its execution.

When you encounter Nona Park’s piece titled Spring at Last, you are lost for words and not just because of its sheer beauty. The medium of the piece is very much like a watercolour behind glass. However, after reading the description, you realise that it is a digitally enhanced photograph. The piece is pure joy and happiness in one frame, and just goes to show you how technology can improve art, rather than hinder it.

Sabine Modder pulls at my heartstrings with her two acrylic paintings of doughnuts, one half eaten titled Oh, Happy Day! The other doughnut titled Whole lot of Wholesome is luckily untouched and ready for your consumption. The joie de vivre in these small paintings are so large that one cannot help being tempted to take them home and adore them forever more.

The exhibition represents Ottawa fully from all variety of perspectives.

Yulia Lisitsyna’s The Odd Sock is also breathtaking in its approach to still life. Very colourful, yet understated in its richness with modern framing. Roz Tabachnick’s Infill is also very innovative in its framing, giving you an innocent scene in a very architectural way. Roz Tabachnick’s pièce de résistance, however, is the Blossoming Forth which gives you contemporary beauty with a Van Gogh like palette, deserving much praise.

Timothy Hunt gives us whimsy and sculpture in a form of a hanging metal works resembling famous historical faces. It is just wonderful and exciting how Mr. Hunt plays with found objects and scrap pieces to present his creations in a very recognisable way. He is a very exciting artist and I am always taken aback by his work.

The two acrylic pieces by Yeojin Jung titled Water’s Edge #4 and Water’s Edge #5 are, in my humble opinion, the best in show and deserving of your full attention. They are so breathtaking and skillfully rendered that any gallery would be lucky to exhibit them. They are the cherry on the GNAG Art Show parfait, which proved once again that we have talent, innovation and beauty in our city and should celebrate it at every opportunity we get.

The art show and sale is on until June 7th at the Glebe Community Centre (175 Third Avenue). Admission is $5.