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Photo by Ming Wu (@photogmusic)

Gig Picks: Ottawa Explosion Weekend

By Ming Wu on June 12, 2017



Concert photographer Ming Wu (@photogmusic) shares his picks for Ottawa Explosion Weekend. With venues around Ottawa and Gatineau, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Check the schedule for more of what’s taking place.

Get ready for Ottawa Explosion Weekend which is taking place on June 14 to 18. Here are some of the picks that you have see.

June 14

On opening night, be sure to check out Spell, The Yip, Casper Skulls and Fet.Nat at Club Saw.

June 15

On the second night there are two choices, Club Saw or Le Temporaire. Ming’s vote: Club Saw to check out The Lonely Parade and Partner (you definitely need to see them!), plus Crusades and Strange Attractors.

June 16

On the third night, you won’t be lacking choices!

Club Saw: Creep Wave, Mardou, Tweens and Aye Nako (outside); WLMRT, Crossed Wires and The Creeps (inside)

Avant-Garde Bar: Warp Lines, The Famines and Priors

St. Albans: Definitely try to see Toronto’s HSY

The Dominion Tavern: Average Times, Mother’s Children. New Zealand acts Tigers of the Sea & Dad Jokes and Montreal’s Sonic Avenues.

If all that loudness not your cup of tea, then head to Cafe Nostalgica to enjoy mostly experimental dance hip-hop music from locals Firequeen and Seiizmikk with Oakland’s AH MER AH SU.

June 17

On the fourth day there lots to do starting off with an afternoon show outside at Club Saw. Local bands Preemptive Eulogy, Sally Ride, Empty Nesters are playing, as are some out of towners: The Shivrettes, Future Girls, Pretty Pretty, Laika’s Orbit, Swim Team and Shell Shag.

The big show at Club Saw later that night will be: Expanda Fuzz, and it is the Mint Records showcase with Tough Age, Needles//Pins and The Smugglers (who are reuniting in part of Grant Lawrence’s book called Dirty Windshields: The Best And The Worst Of The Smugglers Tour Diaries). Inside will have locals Toxic Thoughts, DOXX and out of towners Cell, Vanilla Poppers, Booji Boys, Leather Jazcuzzi, Century Palm and Vacation.

St. Alban’s: Pippa and Pelada

Avant-Garde Bar: Organ Eyes, Protruders, Sahara, Slow Dawn and Plasma Lab

June 18

On the last day of OXW 2017, things end off outside at Club Saw with locals Trails, Lake Urmia and Bonnie Doon. Out of towners Nice Try, Dunes, BBQT, Feel Alright and Empath.

Tickets are available online, as a weekend pass or to day passes to each show. Don’t forget to tag your photos from the weekend with #apt613wknd for a chance to be featured on Instagram!