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The ladies of The PepTides from left to right: Rebecca Noelle, DeeDee Butters, and Olexandra Pruchnicky. Photo: Terry Steeves/Apt613.

Gig Pick: The PepTides album release—two shows on 10.27.18

By Greggory Clark on October 24, 2018

Ottawa’s nine-piece and larger-than-life ensemble are an incredible group to see live for their five-part vocal magic, sexy choreography, and over-the-top theatrics. They crank the entertainment factor over 9,000. The PepTides slap.  “They’re a Broadway musical on acid,” writes Apt613 contributor Terry Steeves in her review at Bluesfest in 2018.

This is the same band who, in fact, wrote a musical for the 2014 Ottawa Fringe Festival. LOVE+HATE at The Mercury Lounge was so fine, curators of the 2015 undercurrents festival picked it up for another run, offering The PepTides an opportunity to use the much larger Arts Court Theatre. I’m expecting them to sell out NAC’s 4th Stage twice this Saturday.

The PepTides are not your average band – the music, choreography, and theatrics are bold, animated, superbly performed, and highly entertaining. Photo: Terry Steeves/Apt613.

“They’re a Broadway musical on acid.”

Their double-header on the 4th Stage is the launch for Galapagos, Vol. I, a fresh new album by the indie group. Shows at 3pm and 8:30pm this Saturday are going to be where The PepTides premiere 10 new songs in concert.

The PepTides’ new album is a musical nod to Kurt Vonnegut’s 1985 book Galápagos. “With its absurd cast of characters, the darkly hilarious story includes a global financial crisis, World War III, an ill-fated nature cruise, and a million years of evolution,” writes keyboardist and manager Scottie Irving in an email. “In short, the perfect source material for a PepTides album.”

“Vonnegut’s work speaks to the band’s lifelong fascination with humanity and its curious flaws.”

Like anything The PepTides touch, listeners should go in expecting elements of funk, soul and gospel music. Galapagos, Vol. I sounds like 80s pop with influences from Latin and folk music too.  “For this album, we wanted the sound to reflect how much we’ve grown as a kaleidoscopic musical family,” says songwriter Claude MarQuis.

Don’t miss the group which made the cover of Ottawa Life Magazine as “Ottawa’s Best Band” in 2017.

The PepTides are performing on the National Arts Centre 4th Stage at 3pm and 8:30pm on Saturday October 27, 2018. Tickets cost $25 online and at the NAC Box Office.