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Dave Bean. Photo provided.

Gig Pick: Rapid Eye Review at Clocktower—06.13.18

By Apartment613 on June 11, 2018



Vanessa Rotondo is an Ottawa-based freelance writer, national spoken word artist and expression facilitator. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @theartofxpression and @thevpoet.

After nearly eight solid years of blood, sweat and teary obsession, Dave Bean, lead man of Ottawa-based solo-project Rapid Eye Review releases rise/eat/work/spend/sleep, a conceptual and collaborative indie rock album.

 Think back to the late 90s: back when the Bear, 106.9fm was set to your Hyundai Stellar’s removable radio faceplate and the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Matt Good, the Foo Fighters and Big Wreck blasted through your sub-woofs on the way to work – or if you’re an 80’s kid like me or Dave, to high school. These tunes will bring back memories and throw you for a loop, but in a good way!

“This album is a coming full circle for me,” says Bean, after having worked odd jobs, played the Toronto pub circuit for a couple years and releasing his first album, Marvelous Mediocrity in 2009. “I really came into my own on this album, musically, in my vocal style and song composition.”

 Tracks like 365 and Jeremy, “…not a Pearl Jam rip-off,” clarifies Bean, showcase exactly that.

Bean boasts an incredible range to his voice register, nailing goosebump-inducing highs on witchy riffs and unexpected lows with admirable restraint and control. 

His song composition is equally as interesting and refreshing, keeping your ears… on your toes! “I enjoy throwing curveballs in songs,” he tells, “in the style of lyrics and in the pacing of songs. I appreciate a certain vagueness and interpretation for the listener, but ultimately it’s important for me that the listener has some idea of what’s going on”—a much appreciated quality to music that both bridges questionable curiosities and further hooks already established devotees to their favourite bands.

Bean and his new release, rise/eat/work/spend/sleep, are unequivocally personable and relatable, shedding light on the “every days” of life and how to truly take advantage of the one you have (#yolo)!

Catch him headlining Eric St. Cyr’s local Open Mic Night with an acoustic set of selected songs from the new album, along with some classics from his past band Ostara at the Clocktower Brewery Pub (2010 Trim Road, Orleans) on June 13, 2018. The show starts at 7:30pm and if you’re feeling up for some mic-time, you can sign up for it too.

“I’m going to keep making music for as long as people continue to support me,” Bean says. “I think it’s important to support local arts and keep hope alive.” That’s why he’s made the new album unlimitedly streamable on Bandcamp. Alternatively, you can chose to help support local talent by purchasing it online or grabbing a physical copy or download card at any of his shows for $10.

Follow Rapid Eye Review on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or enjoy his music live on June 13 at Clocktower (2010 Trim Road). To learn more about lyrics, updates and featured collaborative guests that helped make this album a success, head to the website.