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Gig Pick: Matthew Good at Neat Coffee Shop—03.12.19

By Stephane Dubord on March 11, 2019

If you were lucky enough to attend Matthew Good’s performance March 2nd at Centrepointe Theatre, you probably think that was as intimate as it can get for such a massive artist. And you’d be wrong. On Tuesday night, Good will be playing an even smaller venue, which should make for a truly magical night.

Despite a hefty price, tickets for the show sold out incredibly quickly, which should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Neat Coffee Shop venue an hour from Ottawa. With a capacity of slightly below one hundred inside the rustic former schoolhouse, concertgoers are in for a unique evening.

Matthew Good has had an extensive career, first as the front man of the Matthew Good Band, and then simply as a solo artist from 2002. Starting with 1995’s Last of the Ghetto Astronauts, The Matthew Good Band was a staple on Much Music and their Big Shiny Tunes compilations, building a dedicated fan base in the post-grunge rock world. By 2002, the project amassed a pair of Juno Awards, a pair of platinum albums, and a #1 hit single—but Good decided to transition to a solo career, dropping the ‘band’ both in name and musically. Since then, he’s churned out another eight studio albums (of which four went gold), and twenty singles.

His current tour reimagines his guitar-driven rock hits from across his entire career, such as “Apparitions”, “Born Losers”, “Load Me Up” and “Hello Time Bomb”, as acoustic showcases that accentuate his songwriting prowess. While the instruments might not be powered, you can bet his songs still pack a punch.

Some shows can be pretty forgettable, no matter the venue. But having a chance to see an artist as accomplished as Matthew Good, in such an intimate setting? That’s the stuff that leads to a lifetime of stories.

Matthew Good will be playing a sold out show at Neat Coffee Shop (1715 Calabogie Rd. in Burnstown) at 8pm on Tuesday March 12. See Facebook for a calendar of upcoming shows at Neat.