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Interior of the Concord Motel bar. Photo: Lesley Marshall.

Gig Pick: GINNY album release at The Concorde Motel—03.16.18

By Greggory Clark on March 14, 2018


GINNY delivered “Choose the Wrong Man”, a single which landed last week, and the local band is following up with an EP release on Friday, March 16. You can stream “Choose the Wrong Man” right now.

GINNY is the alt-country project of Lesley Marshall (Bonnie Doon), guitarist Catriona Sturton (ex-Plumtree) and bassist Kristy Nease (Area Resident).

Recorded by Jarrett Bartlett, the band’s self-titled EP started out with demos Lesley and Kristy created alongside a drum machine. However, in the studio they were joined by Catriona Sturton and drummer Ainsley Lahey. At their EP release concert this Friday, GINNY will treat showgoers to a special lineup including Matt Munro on drums, performance artist Matt Miwa, DJ Jas Nasty accompanying the group on theremin, plus sets by special guests Ommie Jane and The Railway Hotel.

Apt613 had the opportunity to chat with vocalist Lesley Marshall a few days out from the GINNY EP release party at The Concorde Motel in Vanier.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Apt613: Have you seen a show at The Concorde Motel before?

Lesley Marshall: Kind of. I haven’t been to a country show at The Concorde Motel before but friends of mine at Asinabka Film and Media Festival have started throwing some DJ nights and hangouts there. I started going there just last year when my partner moved to the neighbourhood. It has become our local watering hole and we started chatting with some of the bar staff about the joint.

Photo: Lesley Marshall

What led you to pick The Concorde for GINNY’s record release?

The first time I walked in I was blown away by the absolute size and decor of the bar. It truly is a relic. Back in the 1970s and 80s it was one of the go-to spots for country music. There were six active country clubs in Ottawa with live bands playing seven days a week. Times sure have changed, and they stayed open as a bar, but stopped operating as a venue. Since the bid to change the whole block, including the Motel, into the controversial super shelter came around last year, we thought it would be a rare chance to have a show there.

Does The Concorde have a drink special?

Affordable domestic beer!

Is The Concorde being haunted?

It’s more of a haunt than haunted 😉 Any place with a history usually has some ghosts though.

What are Matt Miwa and Jas Nasty bringing to the set?

I am so excited to have these two guests on March 16th. Matt Miwa is a local performance artist who enjoys high heels, cat suits and singing Amy Winehouse. He will be bringing a couple tunes alongside drummer Ben Deinstadt with a backup saxophone player. DJ Jas Nasty will be accompanying the set; conducting a theremin. The whole show is gonna be the GINNY Band and we are hoping to break some hearts out there with our passion songs for passion people.

GINNY EP artwork.

Where was the EP recorded? Does anyone other than yourself, Kristy Nease and Catriona Sturton perform on the record?

The EP was recorded in a big house out in Highland Park by Jarrett Bartlett. To be honest, I really wanted a sound that was similar to other folk people who I liked the sound of, like The Acorn, and Andy Swan, and of course Catriona Sturton. We have Catriona Sturton on lead guitar, Kristy Nease of Area Resident and I Can’t Believe It’s Not on the bass and Ainsley Lahey on the drums – that is, on the recorded the self-titled EP we’re releasing Friday. Ainsley moved to Toronto last year though 🙁 so we have Matt Munro trying to make up for our loss. He brings a flip and simplicity but we do miss Ainsley!

The band changes depending on what needs to get done. When we first started out it was just Kristy and me and a drum machine. Hopefully we get to change around a bit more and hope to when we hit the road.

Will physical copies of the EP be available?

There will definitely be some fun things to buy. Either cassette tape bootlegs of our first recordings to track. Or digital copies and cute food.

GINNY are performing at The Concorde Motel (333 Montreal Rd) with special guests Ommie Jane and The Railway Hotel. Tickets cost $10 online and $12 at the door. Doors open at 9pm. The venue is regretfully not wheelchair accessible. The bar is located down a flight of stairs.