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Gig Pick: FET.NAT block party at Le Temporaire – 06.01.17

By Greggory Clark on May 30, 2017



My pick for one of Summer 2017’s most memorable concerts is going to be FET.NAT performing at a block party in Vieux-Hull this Thursday evening, June 1. The show is a release party for the group’s new EP, Gaoler, available on 12-inch vinyl. DJs Memetic, Jas Nasty, and Glory Hull round out the bill.

In FET.NAT you have a bizzare band that cuts its sound with free jazz, rock drums, funk rhythms and franglais poetry. Quite simply put, FET.NAT are a band you’ve got to see live. An exciting band, for sure, as lead vocalist JFNO is an erratic, unpredictable performer virtually unrivalled for his stage presence. Shouting in both official languages – and, at his most playful, sometimes neither – JFNO periodically holds handmade cardboard signs to name song titles, suggest actions, or give the audience crucial instructions.

They make music which is, to most listeners, as expressive as any music they will ever hear. This band rule. You’d be a fool to miss them if ever you have the chance.

FET.NAT will perform at the Block Party à Hull this Thursday, June 1. The party is out front Le Temporaire (75 rue St-Rédempteur) from 7pm to midnight. See Facebook for more information. Vinyl & digital copies of the new FET.NAT record are available on Bandcamp.