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Photo via Facebook event page/Straw Dog Brewing and Side Door Access

Gig Pick: Alan Cross at Stray Dog Brewing—06.16.18

By Stephane Dubord on June 14, 2019




Public Service Announcement: Remember that Sunday is Father’s Day!

If you’re still trying to think of a great way for Dad to get away for a while, how about an event at a craft brewery, spent talking about the ongoing history of alternative rock and the music industry today, with the preeminent expert on the matter, Alan Cross?

The host of the Ongoing History of New Music radio show, a weekend fixture on Live 88.5, Cross has amassed an incredible amount of random facts and trivia on alternative music over the years, filling not only his radio show but a handful of audiobooks, articles, documentaries, and all sorts of other media.

Cross has started touring the country using the recently launched which connects artists with venues interested in hosting events in places big and small. His original appearance in Orleans at Stray Dog Brewing Company on June 13 sold out so quickly that a second date was added for the following Sunday. Hopefully you didn’t wait too long to get your tickets, because that event has sold out as well.

So what exactly does an Evening with Alan Cross entail? We went to the man himself to get a better idea of what to expect.

“I’m conducting a series of salons, which are discussions (led by me) on various musical topics based on questions asked by the audience. Since no two audiences are alike, no two salons are ever the same.”

Therefore, bring your topics and questions for the fountain of wisdom, and see where the conversation goes. Best trio in rock history: Rush or the Police? Most influential punk band: the Ramones or the Sex Pistols? The future of the music industry with the new dominance of streaming? What will happen with in-car entertainment with the rise of the self-driving car? Bring your queries, and quench your thirst with some craft beers with one of the most respected music experts in the country.

Live 88.5 often runs a tagline that “you’ve gone from an angry young man, to a perturbed suburban Dad”. For those dads out there who grew up on alternative rock, spending an afternoon on Father’s Day that includes craft beers and reminiscing about the music of their youth? Trust me: it beats a tie or a gift card.

Alan Cross’s second salon talk at Straw Dog Brewing Company has sold out, but find more of his shows on Side Door.