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Photo: Marc Lepage/Apt613

Gig Photos: Limblifter at The 27 Club

By Stephane Dubord and Marc Lepage on March 9, 2020



The 27 Club hosted Vancouver’s Limblifter on Saturday night, in what was a jam-packed night for live music. Fans who opted for the cozy club were treated to an energetic show.

Lead singer songwriter Ryan Dahle returned to an Ottawa stage for the first time in over a decade. Apt613 had a chat with him last week, discussing his many projects, and future plans for Limblifter.

While the band is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album Bellaclava, commemorated with a vinyl reissue, the current lineup was brought together for 2015’s Pacific Milk album; and includes Megan Bradfield (bass), Mark Petersen (guitar) and Eric Breitenbach (drums).

The new personnel brought a slightly different take to the classic Limblifter songs, in particular Breitenbach’s infectious energy and Petersen’s complementary guitar work, varying from rhythm to lead.

On bass, Bradfield’s steady play kept the band in time, while her pitch perfect harmonies helped fill out Dahle’s vocals.

In addition to Bradfield, Dahle invited a lifelong fan up on stage to help contribute some vocals in the midst of the set. Admittedly, the fan held his own on the song, and added a touching story about the road trip he made to buy the album 20 years ago (back when buying albums required a road trip).

Rather than play the anniversary album front to back as many other acts have done, they opted to mix things up with cuts from the three other albums sprinkled into the 20-song set. However, Dahle did slyly offer to “take it from the top” if fans objected to the approach.

The band skipping the ceremonial walk-off and subsequent cheering, launching instead into an encore immediately. They closed out their set with a string of hits, including “Ariel vs. Lotus,” “Vicious,” “Wake Up to the Sun” and closer “Screwed It Up.”

The packed crowd was buzzing throughout the show, and were left cheering, in the hopes the message was received loud and clear by the band—don’t wait another decade before coming back to town.