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Photos by Marc Lepage (IG: @marclepagephotography)

Gig Photos: Caveboy at LIVE! on Elgin

By Marc Lepage on January 27, 2020



Photos by Marc Lepage @marclepagephotography

Despite feeling exhausted on a snow-shovelling Sunday, leading up to the show, you simply can’t be anything but energized by a Caveboy performance. The indie pop trio play like rock stars mixing cool 80s, dance, and alt-pop, and almost always rip a good cover song or two in their own fashion. Colleen Jones (bassist of the Ottawa band Sparklesaurus) opened the show with solo songs for voice and guitar. Husband and wife indie folk duo Peters & Pilgrim, from Gatineau, treated the audience to reverb-drenched and delicate guitar work; and pitch perfect harmonies.


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