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Actor Robert Bockstael. Photo courtesy of Room Temperature Collective.

Arthur Milner’s Getting to Room Temperature is being remounted for one week at The Gladstone

By Barbara Popel on January 9, 2018

Getting to Room Temperature? Think about the title for a moment. It’s about dying… about going from 37°C to 20°C.

If you’ve been thinking about the recent assisted dying legislation, or you’ve been faced with the end of life of a loved one, or if you want a thoughtful night of really good theatre, then Getting to Room Temperature is for you. As a bonus, there’s a post-performance audience talkback with special guests each night.

I saw this play at the 2016 undercurrents festival. Here’s where you can read Apt613’s review of the world premiere.

Actor Robert Bockstael. Photo courtesy of Room Temperature Collective.

The weighty material flows through Robert Bockstael’s seemingly effortless delivery weaving a believable humour with poignant remembrances and effective arguments. Bockstael feels familiar even intimate; like a confidante who spins out his story as though at a fireside chat. –Jennifer Cavanagh, Apt613

I was very impressed with the topic, with Arthur Milner’s touching script, and with Bob Bockstael’s performance. Milner’s scripts are always well-crafted. And it’s great to see Bockstael back on Ottawa stages.

Highly recommended!

Getting to Room Temperature is playing at The Gladstone Theatre until January 13. The evening performance starts at 7:30 pm; the Friday and Saturday matinees start at 2:30. The show is approximately 80 minutes. Information – including the list of the talkback guests – and tickets are available online and at The Gladstone box office.