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Get your geek on this weekend at the Wonder Geeks Activate anniversary party

By Michaella Francom on February 25, 2014



They’re everywhere. Learning in our universities, working in our restaurants and bars: some of them have even infiltrated the government and are working on the Hill. You’ve probably passed them in the streets, brushed up against them on the bus, and even shared the intimate confines of an elevator with them. All the while never guessing that beneath their veneer of normalcy lays a secret self…

It’s true. Geeks live among us! They come from all walks of life and there are as many different types of geek as there are, well, types of things out there for people to do and love. Being a geek it seems is just about being passionate for something and wanting to share that passion with other enthusiasts. And sharing those passions doesn’t just have to happen online or in the basement. At least not according to Adam Tupper and Kate Forsyth of Wonder Geeks Activate! (WGA). They argue that geeks love to get out and socialize in public just as much as anybody else: it’s just a matter of finding a space where they can get their geek on without feeling intimidated or judged.

That’s the spirit behind WGA. According to Adam “Geeks have an easier, unfettered idea of social acceptance. They reject cynicism and are generally accepting of a mutual love for something: regardless of what it is…WGA is an outlet, in public, where geeks can socialize in a manner that’s normal for them. It validates Geek culture”.

While the first event started out as a way to get some geek-art lovers together (Adam himself is an artist) it soon exploded into a monthly event covering the whole gamut. Kate, who met Adam when she bought some of his work at the second event, does freelance work with Mercury Lounge where the WGA’s Anniversary Super Show is happening on February 28th.

It’s the perfect venue according to Kate as “it’s survived Ottawa nightlife because it’s eclectic”. And nothing screams eclecticism like what’s on the roster. While the monthly events each focus on a theme that alternates month to month, the anniversary event is bringing ‘em all together (and then some). And by some, I mean a tonne.

All three levels of Mercury Lounge will be in use, with each level presenting its own vibe and providing its own bar (adieu lineups).

The first floor will rock you with live performances by DJ HERETIK and DJ LOWPASS.

Floor two brings together those two great loves: art and food! Seven artists will be displaying and selling their work: Adam Tupper, Morgan Dunbar, Staja Artist Collective, Cherry Valance, Curtis Tiegs, Jordan Richer and Retro Joad.

Not to mention the antics of Ottawa busker Danger Boy and some Burlesque Cabaret entertainment courtesy of Critical Miss and Retro Joad. The geeky treats will be provided by Christina of CiCi and Co.

Last (but not least) floor three is going to have four screens projecting animé, cartoons and, duh, games! They’re boasting a whole range of systems to satisfy both current and melancholic gaming needs.

And just in case that wasn’t enough to entice you to come on out, each admission gets you the chance to win prizes too. All that and a bag of potato chips is the literal theme of the night. I am so in.

And WGA is hoping you’ll be in too. Not just for the anniversary event on Friday but for the year(s) to come. Both Adam and Kate stressed that WGA is a legitimate business venture whose strategy to “mix creativity and business” has the company’s sights set on big things in the future. The focus has always been to promote local artists and performers: something that fosters networking opportunities and grows the community. And while they’ll continue to passionately work here in Ottawa they have aspirations to get things going in Toronto and Montreal too.

For the time being though: let’s celebrate the past year of success! Anyone and everyone is welcome to come out (19+ event). Dress up if you want to, bring some friends, meet some fellow geeks and let your geek flag (or cape?) fly!

The Wonder Geeks Activate Anniversary gears up at 8:00p.m. at Mercury Lounge on February 28th 2014. Tickets are $10 in advance online or $12 at the door. Please note: 19+ event.