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Fully Fringed: What’s hot at the Fringe Festival

By Apartment613 on June 26, 2013

Once again, our team of intrepid theatre reviewers have taken on the task of reviewing all 54 Fringe Festival plays. Our full list can be found over here – search by venue, genre, or just browse through all of them to find a few hidden gems.

There are a few that stand out so far – here’s what’s raising the bar at the Fringe:

Sappho…in 9 Fragments: Director Jessica Ruano returns to Ottawa to stage this captivating performance about a female love poet in ancient Greece. With acrobatics complementing the thoughtful acting, it’s not one to miss – in fact, reviewer Erin Murray commands everyone to stop doing whatever you’re doing, and go see this play. Now.

Dolores: French theatre lovers, this is for you. Not because it’s French, but because it’s great (and just happens to be in French).

Red Bastard: Not only will Red Bastard have you in stiches, this bouffon clown will embarrass you, engage you, and encourage your own spontenaiety. While audience participation isn’t for everyone, the talented Red Bastard will push things too far yet keep you engaged throughout the performance.

– Imprisoned: For mature audiences only, this play is, in a word, disturbing. Performed from the perspective of a child molester, the subject matter clearly not for the faint of heart. It’s some of the most powerful and unrelenting theatre reviewer Brian Carroll has ever seen.

In the First Place: Ottawa’s youth get on stage to talk about sex in this series of monologues, brought to you by Planned Parenthood. Get a glimpse of talented up-and-coming actors in Ottawa’s theatre scene.

There’s plenty more to choose from: if you like anthropomorphic furniture, or if you are still swinging through the zombie craze, the best stage-fighting, or if you’re just into bat shit crazy, there’s something for everyone.