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Full Circle: The Home Invasion Show branches off the airwaves tonight

By Alessandro Marcon on April 23, 2015



CKCU’s THE HOME INVASION SHOW is branching off the airwaves tonight, storming Ritual Nightclub with some live beats and rhymes. Hosts Masai and Livin’ Large shared some time with us to gab about their show, and the event they’re hyped to be bringing to the city.

Apartment613: First off, tell us about your slot on the radio: THE HOME INVASION SHOW, which you host on CKCU 93.1. 

Masai: The show is hosted by me (Masai), Livin’ Large and Apollo. The Home Invasion Show is a hip-hop show fused with talk radio. We touch upon global and local issues that we feel our target audience would care about and what we think our target audience should be aware about. On the music front we play A LOT of local hip hop and we couldn’t stress that enough. We also play A LOT of West Coast music hence the name THE HOME INVASION SHOW, inspired by the legendary Ice-T.

Livin’ Large: It’s Ottawa’s ONLY Urban radio show and what I mean is that we don’t only just play Hip-Hop, we also play Funk/Soul R&B and Chicano Hip-Hop (East LA Mexican Rap) with the occasional New Jack Swing and Disco tracks. We’re on every night from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. We’re unique in Ottawa because not only do we not discriminate in musical genres, we keep it 110% Sucka Free – and what I mean by that is no matter what genre of music, it has to be real, has to be lyrical, and make you FEEL the music not just listen.

Masai: On the promotional tip, in all honesty, we don’t do much that is outlandish or outrageous. As genuine hip hop lovers we keep it thorough. Being genuine with our listeners is what we pride on immensely. Bringing genuine music is a start but what I think we do more so than others is our topics of discussion. We touch on topics that others would rarely or ever really talk about. All these topics we touch upon are Racism, police brutality, political issues, state of hip hop music etc… makes us feel we our unique when discussing hip hop radio shows. Also with a four hour block we really have no excuse.

Livin’ Large: Our core objective is to become Ottawa’s standard when it comes to Hip-Hop, put Ottawa on the map like Toronto & Montreal and also promote some of these raw talents Ottawa has that’s been slept on. Getting selfish, I personally want to bring back the California sound cause when it comes to Ottawa the casual Hip-Hop listener disregards the West Coast and that to me is bullshit.

Masai: With all the seriousness we address there’s of course a lighter side to us. Tune into our show and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Apt613: The event you’re hosting on Thursday eve at Ritual is titled 416 to 613 Full Circle Event, and features “Full Circle” from Toronto. What was it about Full Circle that made you want to bring them to the city?

Masai: There are several reasons why we wanted to bring Full Circle. Beyond their dope boom bap sound and them being genuine people it extends to one word, GROWTH. As they were looking for their first show in Ottawa so were we. Nothings better than coming up together with like-minded people and for us we feel that’s the foundation for success.

Livin’ Large: It’s funny because Full Circle is from Toronto but chose us from all the different college radio stations in Ottawa to put together an event even though we’ve never done anything like that. But they believed in us, so that’s a blessing. They wanted to expand their fanbase to Ottawa and honestly they deserve to be heard because there’s more to Toronto than just Drake. I’m old school all I listen to is ’80s and ’90s Hip-Hop and they definitely had that soulful melodic Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth type sound. It’s a beautiful thing.

Apt613: Who else is sharing the bill with them? In what ways are these artists similar and in what ways are they different?

Masai: We have Dynamic, who has both feet in the Ottawa and Toronto scene, KingsCollege, who hail from Capcity, and finally we have UZ, who reps Toronto, coming from the Full Circle family. In similarities all these dudes share a love and passion for hip hop as [much as] the next artist.

Livin’ Large: The differences between Full Circle and the rest of the acts are Dynamic is live with the battle rhymes. KINGsCOLLEGE got those hydroponic hooks that get you addicted with one listen. UZ is on the same tip as Full Circle so what better way to introduce the main act than have their boy tear it up. One thing that ties them all together is the fact they’re Sucka Free. Hip-Hop is about keeping it real, and they bring the realness to their music and are no pretenders in what they do. They DEFINITELY get the Home Invasion seal of approval.

Apt613: I heard on a preview podcast of your show that one of your goals is to help “put Ottawa on the map” when it comes to hiphop and rap music. Why is Ottawa not “on the map” and why should it be? 

Livin’ Large: Ottawa isn’t on the map because there’s too many pretenders in the game and unfortunately it’s those people that get the shine as Ottawa’s “rappers”. But when you listen to their music, it’s all show and no substance. Much love to Philly Moves, Flight Distance, Buck ‘N Nice, G.Grand & the Just Poets posse and a couple of other Ottawa OGs. Let me put it to you like this: Clarence Gruff put Ottawa on the right track with Mystery Unsolved. Now you go back and listen to that track and listen to those same tired acts getting booked bringing that same tired music yearly and notice the difference. That’s how I feel, I know my other two co-hosts somewhat agree but disagree too.

Masai: It’s not more so why should it be but more why shouldn’t it be. Yes we are a smaller city making us more easily overlooked but becoming more immersed into the Ottawa scene you realize there’s so much talent and culture here that just needs to be seen and heard. That’s the birth of THE HOME INVASION SHOW. An outlet for our local talent!

Apt613: I also heard KMAC of KINGsCOLLEGE say on your show that hiphop music is typically about being youthful and being aggressive. Ottawa strikes me as a very safe and chill city, a friendly city and a politically-engaged one. How does hiphop culture mesh with the culture of Ottawa? Does Ottawa have (or starting to have) its own blend of hiphop?

Masai: What we believe KMAC was saying about [being] aggressive is our approach in our work ethic and the sense of wanting to be heard. Once cemented, we will grow a foundation which in turn will result in our own sound.

Livin’ Large: Ottawa brought the noise back in the ’90s, but the “rappers” getting the most shine deviated from it. If you look at it now, most of Ottawa’s rappers bring the “young” aspect but not the “aggressive”. Ottawa is a safe and chill city but Hip-Hop is a culture that thrives in the ghetto, projects, complex and co-ops so where’s the aggression at? Ottawa can excel and we’re going to do our part to push the real Hip-Hop.

Apt613: Seeing as you are hiphop ambassadors here in the Capital, what can you tell us about the history of hiphop in Ottawa that we might not know?

Masai: In all honesty, the Ottawa hip hop scene is so young. Since its so young there’s not a lot we know that someone couldn’t find out on their own. If people in Ottawa really support this scene all they got to do is look for it. It’s all in front of their faces. The scene is fresh. Shout out to outlets like OTTWADDUP, CAPCITY HIPHOP, CHUO’S CYPHER and NUBRL, our sister show THE MIX, Just Jamaal’s RAPSODY events held at the FLAVA FACTORY a hip hop dance school. All of these outlets can help keep you informed and grounded with the scene.

Livin’ Large: Atherton, Flight Distance, and like I said before Clarence Gruff – they paved the way and put it down nice for Ottawa, but now it seems it got soft and at times corny, but trust us the Home Invasion is definitely going to bring the raw back in the game

Masai: Also shout outs to ALTR EGO and BABES & GENTS for being in the forefront when it comes to local streetwear.

Apt613: What can we expect from the show tonight?

Masai: Expect the BEST! Showcasing all moods and styles of hip hop. It’s our first show so expect us to turn up go wild and hold nothing back. THE 186 ALL DAY!!

Livin’ Large: It’s going to be hype! First ever event we put together so it’s time to show and prove, and it’s definitely not going to be the last. We’re going to take the people coming out on a trip back to the ’90s, and we’re not leaving until we start a riot!!!

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