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Photo: Kate Jaimet

Fringe Review: The Royal Flush

By Colin Noden on June 16, 2019



The Royal Flush
by Kate Jaimet (Wild Hart Productions)
90min /14+ / Comedy

Comedy comes in many forms, so think of Neil Simon’s comedic drama style when you go to this one. The script has that potential. It has the banter, and the zingers, and the little double takes and silent stares that were his trademark. Just picture all this happening in a cabin during a northern Ontario blizzard. So instead of Plaza Suite, we have a very relatable North of Sudbury experience.

A family gathering at the deceased father’s cabin. On the surface, it is a memorial and a time to make decisions on the cabin’s future. A cabin which may have a secret treasure; holds childhood memories; tempts with nostalgia; brings wounds to light; and demands action in all the characters lives. Throw in snow and an outhouse, and we can all say we’ve been there.

It should have been a romp.

The antics needed to resolve all these things is where the comedy comes in. It should have been a romp.

The production seemed to struggle with the speed and rhythm the script demands. Every actor did a good job, but there was a little pause between lines that stopped the flow. I wondered if they were intentionally doing this to accommodate the acoustics. I saw the audience struggling to find the right response. But the zinger lines brought everyone back together.

And everyone left with a smile on their face. Probably having memories of their own experiences with a family gathering, a bottle of rye, and a snowstorm.

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