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Photo by Creativision.

Fringe Review: The Comeback Tour

By Brenda Dunn on June 9, 2017



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Photo by Creativision.

Photo by Creativision.

The Comeback Tour
by Rhythm & Burgundy

50 min / Comedy, Musical / Mature

Musical comedy duo Rhythm & Burgandy are among the first performers to break in the new BYOV at Live! On Elgin this year with The Comeback Tour. Full disclosure fellow Fringers: I have seen them perform and even reviewed their sold out show at The Gladstone in March – which had me snort-laughing in public. This means I went in there knowing that I liked their chemistry, but the show I saw was a tighter, more refined version of a set list that already killed, with several new songs in the mix. While this venue may be new to Fringe, the pair have already played to a sold out crowd both here and in The Gladstone. If I’m predisposed to love these two, I’m certainly not alone.

Kristine Shadid and Allison Harris have been making the rounds in venues and media for months now so this is a show with plenty of buzz at the outset. This year’s Ottawa Citizen writeup not only interviewed the pair but placed their smiling faces smack on the first page (and first paragraph) of their article.

The buzz is well deserved. The Comeback Tour is a tightly rehearsed set of punchy, gut busting songs that make the mundane outrageous. Slumber parties, Tinder dates, and D-List celebrities… this is the everyday fodder being turned into comedic gold with just a guitar, an egg shaker, and the occasional xylophone for good measure. The show is largely clean and the occasional F-bomb is used as a punchline, rather than punctuation. The pair manage to make an incredibly funny set without ever going below the belt, making malicious fun, or getting mean for the sake of a laugh. It’s a clear testament to their writing ability and a willingness to work harder for bigger, smarter laughs.

This pair will continue to sell out increasingly larger venues so my advice is to go now and be someone who “saw them back when…”

The Comeback Tour by Rhythm & Burgundy is playing at Live! On Elgin (220 Elgin St) until Sunday June 18, 2017. Tickets cost $12 online and at the door. Visit for the show schedule and box office info.