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Fringe Review: A Tension to Detail

By David Currie on June 25, 2016

60 minutes | Comedy, Solo | Mature

Gerard Harris’s A Tension to Detail promises to be a play about stories, and it asks you to trust the tale but not its teller. The interesting thing about A Tension to Detail is that in just over an hour with the actor, I never once felt close to him – he was just a guy on stage telling stories and that’s exactly what the show wants. In exploring the role and function of stories in his own life, Gerard Harris is spinning a story weighted by omission and obstruction. These stories are absolutely true, but they leave out a hundred or so facts, promises the teller.

Stories that seem insignificant are given enormous weight and stories that seem huge are brushed off immediately. This is a play that needed time to digest, for me. Harris is doing something so unlike conventional storytelling or long-form stand-up comedy that he is dancing on the edge of a knife and on Friday night, at least, he was successful.

A Tension to Detail is worth seeing, it’ll make you work but that work will be worth it. I still don’t know how Harris feels about his 10-year marriage but I do know how he likes killing lobster when cooking for acquaintances.

A Tension to Detail, La Nouvelle Scène, 333 King Edward, Saturday, June 25, 10 p.m. & Sunday, June 26, 2:30 p.m.

Tickets are $12.