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Fringe Review: Snap!

By Esmée Colbourne on June 17, 2022

Created by Douglas Newham and Thomas Futter
Produced by Youth Infringement Festival (Ottawa)
50m | PG | Comedy
Content warnings: mature language, violence, audience participation

Playing the game of Snap! isn’t about winning from luck or skill, it’s about… the friends we’ve made along the way?

Snap!, written by Douglas Newham and Thomas Futter, follows Todd and his path from low-level Snap! player to world champion with the help of Bobson and his boys. Going up against the Reformed Street Thugs and Schelle, the Snap Queen, Todd trains with Bobson’s Boys in a race to win a global Snap! battle.

Snap! was first shown at the 2022 Youth Infringement Festival, and the same cast opened with a brief Snap! rulebook monologue that humorously set the mood for the entire show by letting us know we were in for a wild, card-game-filled ride. Immediately following this setup, the audience gets led into a hardcore, maybe illegal, backroom game, where in that informal arena, the only rule of Snap! is that it is a full-impact, full-body sport.

The writers’ irreverent dad jokes combined with the cast’s great delivery of physical humour made this comedy incredibly upbeat and silly, even during more intense, dramatic scenes. Bobson, the coach of the Snap! team Bobson’s Boys, was a talented performer and kept the show moving in the right direction with his thousand-yard stare and secret handshakes. The group dynamic of Bobson’s Boys and extreme Good vs Evil competition trope made Snap! feel like it was a love letter to badly dubbed anime like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Beyblade and competitive daytime TV cooking shows like Iron Chef.

I was left wanting more answers—What was the hammer for? How many packs of cards did they go through during production? What were the back stories of the Reformed Street Thugs and how did Schelle learn how to dance so well?—and wished the dialogue had a faster, less-stilted pace. That being said, none of this inhibited the audience’s enjoyment of the show, because we could tell the cast was having fun.

Overall, the Youth Infringement Festival put on a witty piece of theatre that is good for all ages! If you are looking for an easy laugh, or love card games, Snap! is the show for you.

Snap! by Douglas Newham and Thomas Futter is playing at LabO (60 Waller Street) until June 25, 2022. Tickets are $12 online (plus a $2 processing fee) and at the door. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at