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Fringe Review: Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again

By Apartment613 on June 21, 2016

By Sandy Gibson

60 min | Comedy Musical | Mature

Fresh from the Montreal Fringe, Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again returns to the Ottawa Fringe festival with updated, eye-catching sets, some new numbers and as many laugh-inducing moments as can possibly be crammed into a musical comedy. Written and performed by Rachelle Elie with music and accompaniment provided by Luke Jackson, the show follows the development of Elie’s love life and parenting struggles from her early lessons on dating to her current situation. The humour is in-your-face, varied and definitely targeted at a mature audience; this is not a show for children…or deeply religious and easily offended Christians, either.

Elie belts out memorable original songs on topics ranging from spanking to sexual order of operations, while Jackson masterfully joins her on the guitar and sings along from time to time. Music is even incorporated into the spoken parts of the show, matching the tone set by Elie’s musings in a way that brings the show into the realm of the extraordinary. For some numbers, Elie and Jackson encourage the audience to join in thus involving them without actually bringing anyone onstage or singling them out.

Equally impressive is the script and the different forms of humour present in the show. Nothing is sacred to Elie, a trained actor and stand-up comic, who touches on everything from divorce to Jesus to blue balls. Her song lyrics are packed with great material, and she delivers her delightfully countless supply of jokes with the precision and timing of a Swiss watch. This is a remarkable feat given the numerous costumes changes Elie goes through behind a partial screen while maintaining eye contact with the audience. Her wardrobe contains more eclectic dresses, boas and other garments than the average Value Village. These are further augmented by her hilarious physicality and memorable impressions, especially that of her therapist and the various francophones in her life.

While mothers finding the humour in love and raising children isn’t exactly new, Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again brings this genre of comedy (or should I say “momedy”) to an incredible new level. There is such a smorgasbord of funny stuff in this updated show that you don’t want to end the festival thinking, “Sh!t, I missed that show again!”

Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again is playing at the Arts Court Theatre on Tuesday, June 21st at 5:30pm; Thursday, June 23rd at 11:00pm; Saturday, June 25th at 7:30pm and Sunday, June 26th at 12:30pm.

Tickets are $12.