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Courtesy Ottawa Fringe.

Fringe Review: Ready or Knot

By Apartment613 on June 18, 2022

Ready or Knot
Created by Jamine Ackert and Pierre Brault
Produced by Studio 2Be (Ottawa)
60m | 14+ | Comedy Celebration
Content warnings: audience participation

By Julia Bueneman

Beginning with a really beautifully constructed physical piece, this play opens on a relatable scene from daily life that immediately draw you in—bus rides, deliveries, the casual moments in passing where you don’t quite realize you’re seeing the same person over and over.

A romance built around jokes, we follow the two characters through their own separate and individual experiences with dating. Laced with stand-up comedy and audience participation, this show is peppered with stories and situations that feel all too familiar. I can only imagine that this show will get all the more silly and precise as the Fringe goes on, and no iteration will ever be exactly the same—it was lovely to witness their first show.

Though there were some technicalities that were quite clumsy, the show overall was a good experience. I was fortunate enough to play the officiant and get a front-row seat to the final part of the show—a really lovely and comical position to have ended up in (voluntarily, of course). Overall, I think this play is quite quirky and it had me laughing out loud at more than one point. Excited to see what the future holds for the show!

Ready or Knot by Jamine Ackert and Pierre Brault is playing at Arts Court Theatre (2 Daly Avenue) until June 25, 2022. Tickets are $12 online (plus a $2 processing fee) and at the door. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at