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Image courtesy of the Ottawa Fringe Festival

Fringe Review: Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored

By Helen Lam on June 17, 2018




Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored
by Hannah Gibson-Fraser and Jodi Morden
PrettyUgly Theatre Productions

45 min / Comedy, Drama / Mature

Rachel and Zoe are best friends that share everything. Rachel is preparing for her upcoming wedding while Zoe is focused on finding romance.

This play is essentially a romantic dramedy on stage, and as such its appeal rests on the two lead actors. The leads have a good chemistry and are believable as long-time friends. They are as open about their love lives as you’d expect best friends to be. Creative staging allows the audience to experience Rachel and Zoe’s conversations in a very vivid way.

The story is not plot driven, instead it relies on a series of flashbacks to build drama for the audience. Although Rachel and Zoe go through their share of trials, the audience isn’t let in on the deeper motivations behind the characters’ feelings. We know that Rachel feels unfulfilled in her relationship, but we don’t really know why, other than vague feelings of distance from her fiancé and anxiety over her wedding. Zoe doesn’t seem to be interested in a relationship at all. We get a sense of why this could be as the women recall their past, but Rachel drops the topic when it makes Zoe uncomfortable.

As each woman questions her assumptions about what they want from relationships, they come to realize something important: they still need each other. This play is entertaining diversion for your evening, and the cast fully commits to portraying modern love in all its awkward glory.

Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored is playing at Academic Hall until Saturday June 23, 2018. Tickets cost $12. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at