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Fringe Review: The Ottawa Stand-Up Showcase

By Brenda Dunn on June 15, 2018

Image courtesy of Ottawa Fringe Festival

Ottawa Stand-Up Comedy Showcase
by Various Artists
Aldershot Sun Productions

60 min / Comedy, Stand-Up / Mature

Fringe 2018 is here and what better to way to kick it off than with a little comedy. Opening night of the Ottawa Stand-up Comedy Showcase took place Thursday evening. This mixed bag of local comedians will rotate through sets of five funny folk for each performance in the festival.

In light of this, a detailed review of the local talent from last night’s show doesn’t ACTUALLY give you a sense of what you’re in for since it’s different every night. That said, our surprise bag included Paul Crummey, Matthew Champ, Aaron Hill, Gerry Hodges and Jeffrey Davis. Many are regulars on the Ottawa comedy circuit, and finishing move Jeffrey Davis was certainly the standout stand-up of the evening. He closed the show with a well-timed set of self-deprecating jokes that pointed only to the comic himself and never punched down for the punch line.

The show ran to time at a solid 60 minutes and is rightly rated mature. Whether you’re a regular at the Ottawa comedy clubs or not, I’d encourage attending and taking your chances on a great mix of familiar faces and lesser known names in support of the local comedy scene.

The Ottawa Stand-Up Comedy Showcase is performed at Arts Court Theatre (2 Daly Ave) until Saturday June 23, 2018. Tickets Cost $12. Visit for the schedule and box office info. Read more reviews at