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Fringe Review: Magic Unicorn Island

By Apartment613 on June 25, 2016

By Julia Bueneman

65 minutes | Drama, Solo | PG

Following a multitude of very different, very real characters, Jayson Mcdonald has created an absolute masterpiece. Flicking through half a dozen personas — both loveable and beautifully hatable — Mcdonald portrays each with a convincing newness, leaving all the various characters completely unique and individual without confusing or muddling between them. The transitions were flawless, smooth and definite. The only props used were minimal and fantastically versatile, and the stage was used to the absolute fullest. The sound effects, dramatic lighting changes, and soundtrack were spot on and tight. Though there were plenty of technical aspects they never took away from the performance: they complimented it so beautifully.

Magic Unicorn Island is not only one of the most well-constructed, brilliantly directed, and well-performed show I have ever seen, it is also terrifyingly a relevant political commentary on war, separation, and governmental control. The eye-opening concepts it brings up regarding conflict and resolution, rules and regulations and the human condition — love and history, racial commentary, innocence and reality — are stunning, serious, and brutally honest.

Everyone needs to see this show. From the phenomenal writing to the incredible staging to the eye-catching movement throughout, this is a brilliant, beautiful, well-put together show that is so very important. I cannot express enough how stunning and humbling it is to be reminded of just how corrupt the world can be (and is). Do yourself a favour and go see it: I left with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Magic Unicorn Island is produced by Black Sheep Theatre and is playing in BYOV-A: The Courtroom June 24th at 7:00 and June 25th at 8:00.

Tickets are $12.