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Fringe Review: I Can See Clearly Now

By Brian Carroll on June 10, 2017



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I Can See Clearly Now
by Stephanie Lalor
Double U

30 min / Solo / G

Stephanie is nine. Well actually, 8 3/4. Stephanie is having a tough day. For one thing, as of today Stephanie has to wear glasses. The eye doctor says one eye is normal, shaped like a baseball. The other eye is abnormal, shaped like a football. The kids at school ask her all sorts of dumb questions like, “Do you have to wear them all the time?” “Can I try them on?”

And then they throw balls at her during recess.

Her mom is nine months pregnant and ignoring Stephanie.

Her dad thinks Stephanie is smart, an A-student. Pressure!

Stephanie’s gymnastics coach has been praising her talent and spending extra time to coach Stephanie one-on-one. More pressure!

Stephanie’s best friend Vickie can’t come out to play. She has a fever and flu.

Then Stephanie’s coach and Vickie’s mom both give her bad news that sends Stephanie’s day into a tail-spin.

But Stephanie has a secret that will save her from all this sorrow. Stephanie is an alien. Or rather Stephanie’s body is occupied by an alien. Stephanie was born on Earth, but the alien inside her is from the planet Ahtré, 2.6 million light years from Earth. She was implanted in Stephanie at conception to collect data about Earth. She’s not allowed to stand out, so Stephanie gets B+ grades, to her Earth father’s chagrin. She communicates with Ahtré telepathically. When Stephanie dies, the alien will return to Ahtré to deliver the data.

Stephanie’s alien wants to abort the mission.

To tell more would be to give spoilers.

I like Stephanie’s alien. She has all the emotions of an almost-nine-year-old. Her Earth dad may be disappointed in her grades, but she’s pretty observant. She’s also facing the greatest challenges of her life (so far).

There’s a rule in entertainment: leave them wanting more. And I do. But I want a lot more, like 50% more. The shows clocks in at 30 minutes. I suspect that author/actor Stephanie Lalor has at least 15 minutes more material about being 8 3/4.

There’s a lot of talent behind this production. Lalor trained with One Yellow Rabbit and Mump & Smoot. Kristina Watt of 100 Watt Productions is the creative consultant. Dave Dawson of Black Sheep Theatre is the stage manager.

Please, Sir, can I have more?

I Can See Clearly Now by Stephanie Lalor is playing at the ODD Box (2 Daly Ave) until Saturday June 17, 2017. Tickets cost $12 online and at the door. Visit for the show schedule and box office info.